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    Iron Tager

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    Iron Tager (TR-0009) is a fighter in the game BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger. His Drive Ability is called Volttech Battler, which uses electricity and magnetism to grab his opponents.

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    Calamity Trigger

    The one currently known as Iron Tager was a soldier during the Ikaruga civil war who served in a unit known for close-range combat. However, he suffered a grievous wound during battle and almost died. Kokonoe found his body and decided to resurrect him as the large cyborg Iron Tager in the name of science, and Tager repaid Kokonoe by being a loyal servant of her and Sector Seven. It is also hinted that he worked on a project with Kokonoe, Litchi, and another scientist who would later become Arakune during his time working for Sector Seven.

    Because of his enormous body and reddish complexion, Tager is sometimes dubbed the "Red Devil" by others. Despite the nickname, Tager is actually quite calm and calculating, only engaging in battle when he feels it is truly necessary. In the main story, Tager is tasked with helping Kokonoe capture Hakumen for further study, with Ragna the Bloodedge as a secondary target. One alternate story arc has him beating up Bang Shishigami, only to fall victim to his incredibly fast "super mode," which leads to Kokonoe upgrading him into "Golden Tager" and controlling him by remote in an attempt to one-up Bang.

    Continuum Shift

    Some time after retrieving the wounded but still usable body of Lambda-11 from a ruined city, Tager is tasked with hunting down and retrieving Noel Vermillion for Kokonoe, who won't say much more other than Ragna is no longer the key player in her plans anymore. Tager goes to find Noel after briefly sparring with the reconstructed Lambda-11, and meets up with Agent "Gnu," a double-agent for the NOL who claims to have some special data. It turns out that Gnu is really Makoto Nanaya, who mentions that she's doing this because she has doubts about the Library and wants to protect Noel from them.

    Later, Tager runs into Tsubaki and defeats her after Kokonoe mentions that she is carrying a Sealed Weapon. As he tries to collect it, Hazama stops him and then uses his ghost powers to show Tager something he forgot back from the Ikaruga civil war, including the truth behind the Nox Nyctores. Tager is shocked enough that he tries to kill Hazama in response, but is unsuccessful. Hakumen then shows up and saves him, but later demands to know if Tager has any idea that Kokonoe has been stockpiling old-fashioned nuclear ICBMs that could cause untold catastrophe if unleashed upon the world.

    In the True Ending, Tager ends up boarding an airship with half of the cast to find more answers in the ruins of Ikaruga.


    (as of Continuum Shift)


    • Has the highest HP (13000) of any playable character
    • Close-range grapples can instantly wipe out over 1/3 of enemy's HP.
    • Needs very few hits to do bucketloads of damage


    • Very immobile--cannot dash forward or airdash at all, and his stronger attacks are very slow.
    • Most command grabs can be escaped if timed right.
    • Has a gigantic hitbox, making it easier to juggle him.


    • Voltic Battler: Tager's Drive allows him to magnetize his opponent, even if the hit is blocked. When magnetized, Tager can then use different special or Drive moves to suck the enemy towards him either to grab them or continue a combo. Keep in mind when sucking in magnetized opponents for a command grab while holding the attack button that the grab itself will not happen until you release that button.

    Basic Special Moves:

    • Gigantic Tager Driver (360A/B): A close-range command grab capable of doing REAL SOVIET DAMAGE if it connects. The A version has more range and a few frames of invincibility, but the B version is slightly faster and wipes out a lot more of the enemy's HP. Both can suck in magnetized opponents if the button is held down, though the A version's magnetic attraction lasts slightly longer. Be aware that enemies will be able to tech out of this grab like a normal throw, so don't use it too often against good players or they will be able to predict it.

    (IMPORTANT: Don't waste your time looking for the 0 on the control scheme. Just rotate the stick to a full-circle (360 degrees) and push A or B to use this technique. Word has it that the technique will work if you rotate it just over 270 degrees as well. Use another move to buffer, and as Tager is performing that move, start rotating the stick around so when he's finished you'll have the grab ready to go without jumping.)

    • Atomic Collider (623C): Anti-air grab that is very useful in Tager's bread-and-butter combos. Holding down C will cause him to suck in magnetized opponents as well, though the grab itself will not happen until C is released.
    • Sledge Hammer (236A/B-->236A): Tager slides forward as he swings both of his arms up, and the follow-up (236A) if performed afterwards slams them back down upon his enemy. The first hit can be used to nullify projectiles and move Tager closer to his opponent. The second hit can deliver more damage but is unsafe if blocked. The A version comes out much quicker, but the B version is stronger and covers more distance.
    • Spark Bolt (41236D): Tager's only long-range attack, fires a giant ball of magnetic energy at the opponent. This move will plow through enemy projectiles and bounce the opponent against the wall if it hits, and like all of Tager's D attacks will magnetize the opponent on hit or block.

    (NOTE: A yellow energy gauge above your normal Meter bar must be completely full before you can use this tech.)

    • Voltic Charge (214D): Not only does this move charge up your aforementioned energy gauge, but it also automatically guards against high attacks and projectiles. Can be used to buffer into a command grab. The longer you hold down B, the more your energy gauge becomes filled when you release this tech, but hold it too long and the enemy can just hit you low.
    • Gadget Finger (22D): Tager picks up the enemy, magnetizes them with his finger, then stands them up. Useful for buffering into a command grab or other combo if the opponent has not tech-rolled yet, but be aware the Gadget Finger itself does no damage.

    Distortion Drives:

    • Magna-Tech Wheel (236236B): Tager spins around, drawing himself slightly closer to his enemy while shocking the air around himself before he slams the ground and repels them away with his POWER OF MAGNETISM! Has almost a full-second worth of time where Tager can guard against incoming attacks, and can be used to punish jumping enemies.
    • Terra Break (236236B, after Magna-Tech Wheel): Adds on a little more damage, but only useful if you have another 50% Meter to burn after the first DD.
    • Genesic Emerald Tager Buster (720C): A command grab DD that does more damage than the previous two combined. Invincible on startup and holding the C will cause Tager to suck in magnetized opponents, but if the enemy is able to jump away you will have pissed away 50% meter for nothing, so only use it when you think the enemy will be in the correct position.

    Astral Heat:

    King of Tager (1080D): Like the GETB, a command grab and Tager can suck in magnetized opponents while D is held. Tager fires off the jets hidden in his mechanical legs, launches himself into the stratosphere while holding his enemy, then divebombs them into the ground leaving a gigantic crater where the stage once stood.


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