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    This powerful underground city of the dwarves is a major community center in World of Warcraft.

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    Ironforge is a major population center for the Alliance faction in World of Warcraft, and one of the game's most diverse cities. It is the capital city of the Dwarves, where their king Magni Bronzebeard resides. Ironforge is considered one of the most secure and defensible cities in the world. It was built into a mountain and composed of complex caves and tunnels. Its entrance is a curving, sloped mountain path with guards posted along the way. Within the city are a thriving auction house, and many taverns, shops, and inns that draw countless adventurers. Magma found within the mountain is used for heat, energy, and many other industrial processes. In the center of the bustling city is the famed Great Forge, a spectacle every adventurer is advised to see in their life time. The gigantic anvil in the heart of the Great Forge attracts many tourists and smiths of all race - the smiths to further their abilities and the tourists to just marvel at the sight.


    Ironforge was first ruled by the dwarven king Modimus Anvilmar, who left no heirs upon his death. The conflict over the throne lead to the War of the Three Hammers, in which the Dark Iron clan attacked Ironforge and the city of Grim Batol. After the war, Ironforge fell under the control of the Bronzebeard Clan. The city has weathered numerous attacks during the Second and Third Wars, but Ironforge still stands. It is one of the most populated cities in Azeroth (behind the human capital of Stormwind) and is home to many refugees, especially the gnomes exiled from their own conquered capital city of Gnomeregan. The displaced Gnomes of Ironforge have converted a section of the city into their own district, known as Tinker Town.

    Hall of Thanes

    Deep within the fortress-like metropolis is the sacred Hall of Thanes. Also known as Old Ironforge, it is where past kings of the Ironforge dwarves are laid to rest. It is guarded by immense doors that are considered nearly impossible to open; but no being would dare to attempt so under Magni Bronzebeard's watch. It is also home to the Iron Forge, the reason the Ironforge dwarves and their city are named so. It is a great Titan artifact left behind in the heart of the Khaz Modan mountains and found by the dwarves, who built their city around it. So great is its power, it is regarded as a "holy" anvil and as such no dwarf fathoms using it for fear of what it can create.


    While in the Warcraft universe, there are several 'depths' of Ironforge, only one is playable in World of Warcraft. It is believed that this is the fifth depth of the city, where all the main trades quarters are. Not much is known about those areas though - only that the two below the playable depth are called the Market District and the Hotel District. It is also believed that in the lore, Ironforge extends up to an airport at the top of the mountains of Khaz Modan. The airport is accessible in the game, but was obviously intended as a placeholder area (or to just create some flavour while you fly north out of the city on a Gryphon), with unfinished areas and nothing of interest to the player.

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