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    Irth Worlds

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Nov 01, 2005

    Originally called Irth Online, Irth Worlds was a first person fantasy MMORPG with few restrictions and the ability for players to affect the environment. It mysteriously disappeared during a downtime event in February 2008.

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    On Febtuary 7, 2008, the Irth Worlds servers experienced a planned downtime event for a server move.

    The Irth Servers are down due to a server move that has not gone all to well so far, the web sites are back up, and I hope to have the IRC server back up later this afternoon.

    I will post more information on the server status later today, however until the connection issue is resolved the servers can not go back online, I was given a projection of no later than 5PM EST today, but will verify that later as the day goes on.

    Thank you much for your patience.

    The servers never returned to operation, however, leaving the Irth Worlds community without a game. Speculation is this is because of legal troubles faced by the developer over intellectual property rights of the game, and a low number of subscribers.

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