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    Irvine Kinneas

    Character » appears in 3 games

    An expert gunman and consummate ladies man.

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    General Info

    Age: 17

    Height: 6"0'

    Date Of Birth: November 24

    Blood Type: A

    Weapon: Rifle

    Irvine is a rifleman from Galbadia Garden. He joins the party as part of a joint operation between Balamb and Galbadia Gardens to take down the sorceress Edea. Irvine is very laid back and often flirts with the ladies. At first he seems somewhat cocky, overconfident and somewhat mysterious (given his nature as a lone-wolf sniper). As the story progresses, we discover that Irvine is rather kind, gentle, down-to-earth and truly cares for Squall and the others... especially Selphie.

    Limit Break

    Irvine's Limit Break is called "Shot". For a short period of time you are allowed to choose different ammo from your inventory and press X to fire shots. Different types of ammo have different effects, damage and rate of fire.

    The different types of ammo you can buy, find or refine are:

    Ammo TypeDescription

    Normal Ammo

    Normal damage, can be bought at almost any shop for cheap, can be refined from Screws.
    Fast AmmoLow damage, fast, can be refined from Normal Ammo or Screws.
    Shotgun AmmoNormal damage, hits all foes.
    Demolition AmmoGood damage, hits all foes, slower.
    Fire AmmoGood fire damage, refined from Fuel (the earliest time Fuel can be bought is at Deling City).
    Dark AmmoGood damage, inflicts random status effect.
    AP AmmoVery good damage. Slow.
    Pulse AmmoBest ammo in the game. Slow. Items to refine this ammo are very rare. This ammo is also needed to make Squall's ultimate weapon, so use it sparingly!

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