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    Isaac is seventeen years old, and is the main character of Golden Sun. He trains under the Psynergy of earth, and is a Vale native.

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    Golden Sun/Golden Sun: The Lost Age

    Issac is the leader of your party and the hero of Golden Sun. He is a well-balanced character with a good heart, though he tends to waffle when it comes to making tough decisions. He is a Venus Adept, with the ability to manipulate the earth.  He still leads his party when he searches for Felix in Golden Sun: The Lost Age, and eventually reconciles their differences,and join forces later in the game, relinquishing leadership to Felix. 
    Isaac was born in the secluded town of Vale, at the base of a dormant volcano, Mt. Aleph.  As a silent protagonist (in the original game), Isaac is a blank slate of a character.  However, other characters refer to Isaac as virtuous and caring, if not a bit stubborn.
    In The Lost Age, Isaac is not the main character, and is thus given a voice and personality.  He is shown to be curt and a bit abrasive, though this is likely due to the desperation and struggles he must deal with through the course of the sequel. 

    Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

    30 years after the original pair of games, Isaac is the father of Matthew, the main character and party leader in
     Isaac's new appearance in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.
     Isaac's new appearance in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.
    Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.  Due to released videos of the game, it is implied that Isaac will either be a playable character in the new game or will accompany the player's party at some point.  Due to his actions in the previous games, the people of Weyard either worship or despise Isaac for his actions regarding the Golden Sun and the ramifications of those actions.  At the start of Dark Dawn, Isaac lives in a house dedicated to the "heroes of Vale" in a town built by the survivors of Vale.


    •  Isaac's 3D model preparing to use his Move technique on opponents.
       Isaac's 3D model preparing to use his Move technique on opponents.
      Isaac appears as an Assist Trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.  When his trophy is activated during gameplay, Isaac appears and utilizes his Move Psynergy three times in an attempt to shove opposing players off the stage.  This is the first time the character has been shown in 3D and utilizing voice acting -- the character either yells or shouts "Move!" as he initiates his attack.

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