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    Isador Akios

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    Brother Librarian Isador Akios is the Librarian of the 3rd Company of the Blood Ravens chapter of Spce Marines. He is a character in the single player campaign in Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War.

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    Brother Librarian Isador Akios is the company Librarian for the Blood Ravens' 3rd company.

    According to the War Journal of Gabriel Angelos, Isador was a potent psyker. 30 years into Gabriels service in the Space Marines, he met Isador. Gabriel had not yet been given veteran status yet, and had no men under his command. Isador was Brother Captain Gabriel's close friend and trusted adviser.

    Isador didn't see the need for an overly calculated combat approach, and preferred more direct tactics. During the Blood Ravens campaign on Tartarus, Isador often tried to goad Gabriel into more frontal assaults. Isador also tried to ease the guilt Gabriel felt towards requesting an Exterminatus on Cyrene.


    Librarian Isador Akios Quotes:

    • "I do not agree with this course of action. Why are we sitting back waiting for the Orks to strike? We should attack, surely it is better than doing nothing."
    • "Quiet heretic! Once I find what you seek I will use it against you for the glory of the Emperor and my brothers."

    Voice Actor:

    Mark Oliver

    Tartarus (Spoilers Below)

    Gabriel Angelos

    Librarian Isador arrived on Tartarus after Captain Gabriel Angelos secured the space port with an initial strike force of Blood Ravens. Isador shared a kinship with the 3rd company Force Commander, Gabriel, and it was apparent that they had fought along side each other in many battles across countless planets. Gabriel seemed to value Isador's insight, although it was obvious that Isador gave into his passions, where Gabriel adhered to the rules as set forth by the Codex Astartes.

    Temptation of Knowledge and Power

    As the Blood Ravens continued there campaign on Tartarus, the presence of Chaos became evident. Chaos markers that were unearthed by an Imperial excavation team lead to an ancient Chaos artifact called the Maledictum. To Isador, knowlege is power. Even knowledge considered by the Imperium to be heretical could be useful. When Gabriel ordered the Chaos alters destroyed, Isador openly disagreed with the decision. Isador believed that much could be gained by studying the Chaos markings.

    Isador's tremendous psychic awareness allowed him to sense what others around him could not. It was this very ability that lead to Isador's introduction to the Chaos Sorcerer Sindri. SIndri was the Sorcerer for the Chaos Space Marine's Alpha Legion. Sindri would often skulk about the Blood Ravens' Librarian, and whisper things into Isador's mind. Sindri sought to aggravate differences between Gabriel and Isador. SIndri used Isador to steer the path of the Blood Ravens to coincide with the sorcerer's schemes. He tempted Isador with all the opportunities that the Maledictum could make possible.

    Secrecy and Sabotage

    Isador began to feel more and more doubtful of Gabriel's judgment. He felt Gabriel's puritanical attitude would deny Isador's opportunity to deal a decisive blow against the forces of Chaos. Isador began to intact his own plans. The Librarian secretly kept Chaos aritifacts, used Blood Raven manpower, and sabotaged the Force Commanders tactics. Surely, Gabriel would understand once Isador had brought death to the enemies of the Emperor.

    When Farseer Macha and the Eldar appeared to stop anyone from attaining the Maledictum, Isador dampened any chances of working together with the Eldar. He bred fear and distrust between Gabriel and the Farseer, so that the Maledictum could be found. The Eldar could not be allowed to keep the Maledictum hidden


    The Maledictum was found at Mount Korath. Isador took possession of the Chaos artifact after a pitched battle with Alpha Legion. Just as Isador was about to turn the power of the Maledictum towards the Chaos Sorcerer, Sindri showed his true power. Isador was no match for the Chaos Sorcerers psychic bombardment. SIndri left Isador to fend for himself as Captain Gabriel Angelos approached.

    The old friends collided. The Space Marines that were once brothers were now bitter rivals. Isador, although a very capable warrior, was unable to best the Force Commander that he once called friend. Isador's life ended at the tip of an Imperial Powersword.

    Excerpt from Gabriel Angelos War Journal:

    (About Brother Librarian Isador Akios) He was truly a great man. He will be missed.

    Now I go to destroy the traitorous individual who inhabits Isador’s form. Emperor give me strength.

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