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    Isle Delfino

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    Isle Delfino is the dolphin shaped island inhabited by Piantas and Nokis. The island is known best as the main setting for the GameCube game Super Mario Sunshine.

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    Isle Delfino is the location in which Super Mario Sunshine takes place. It is a tropical archipelago shaped like a dolphin; in addition to its main island, there is a smaller landmass called Pinna Island which forms the fluke of the dolphin's tail. Isle Delfino is inhabited by a wide variety of species: Piantas, Nokis, Yoshis, and Tanookis. In Super Mario Sunshine, Mario, Peach, and Toadsworth visit Isle Delfino on a vacation.

    Delfino Square
    Delfino Square

    Isle Delfino has also appeared in other spin-off games. Isle Delfino has appeared in three Mario Kart games. In Mario Kart: Double Dash!! there was a course known as Peach Beach, which was on the shore of Isle Delfino (and had several Cataquacks, an enemy from Super Mario Sunshine). Mario Kart DS had a more direct reference in the track Delfino Square. Mario Kart Wii included both of these tracks, along with a new battle track titled Delfino Pier, and a track that is believed to take place on Isle Delfino, Coconut Mall. Isle Delfino has also been shown in several Mario Party minigames, Mario Power Tennis, and a stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

    "Delfino" is the Italian word for "dolphin," which is a reference to both the overall shape of the island as well as the GameCube's pre-production codename, "Project Dolphin".


    Gelato Beach
    Gelato Beach
    • Delfino Airstrip - Delfino Airstrip is where all tourists arrive from (and leave from), as it is the only airstrip on the island. It is a small airstrip, located off the mainland by Delfino Square. It is accessible by boat. When the game begins here, there is a giant enemy here that Mario must defeat (through the help of F.L.U.D.D).
    • Delfino Plaza - Delfino Plaza is the main location of Isle Delfino. Not only is it the largest area on Isle Delfino, it serves as a hub world, allowing Mario to visit a variety of different locations via large, colorful M's. Underneath the city is a large, complex sewer system, filled with coins, Blue Coins, and 1-Ups. The Shine Gate located in Delfino Plaza is the gathering place of all Shine Sprites .
    • Bianco Hills - Bianco Hills is a countryside region of Isle Delfino, located in the center. Piantas inhabit Bianco Hills. There is a large windmill in the center, in which Mario fights the infamous Petey Piranha.
    • Ricco Harbor - Ricco Harbor is another location, this one west of Delfino Plaza. It is a large harbor, housing boats, and with a large, surrounding scaffolding (around which Mario can climb).
    • Gelato Beach - Gelato Beach is the beach portion of Isle Delfino. It is the first location to have Nokis. On Gelato Beach for some time is a large Sandbird egg, which is being incubated by large solar panels. After hatching, Mario rides it while collecting Red Coins.
    • Pinna Park - Pinna Park is located on the small island of Pinna. It includes many amusements and rides, such as a merry-go-round, pirate ship, ferris wheel, and rollercoaster. Outside of the park is a small beach. To get on the island, Mario must use a cannon found in Delfino Plaza.
    • Sirena Beach - Sirena Beach is a beach containing a large hotel, Hotel Delfino. During one level, Mario must clear Hotel Delfino of Boos. The hotel also contains a casino, in which Mario must fight King Boo.
    • Noki Bay - Noki Bay is located on the north end of the island. Nokis are the species that primarily inhabit this area (hence the name), as well as Tanookis. Underwater, there is a giant Eely Mouth with a dental problem (that is polluting the water). Mario has to help clean its teeth to clean the water.
    • Pianta Village - Pianta Village is the home of Piantas. It is built in the branches of an incredibly large palm tree. On the underside of the tree, there are several bouncy mushrooms, as well as bamboo platforms, mesh, and other platforms.
    • Corona Mountain - Corona Mountain is the final area before Mario can challenge Bowser and Bowser Jr. It is an active volcano, full of puzzles and lava.

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