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Isolation is one of the default multiplayer maps for Halo 3, and is set inside an isolated bio-dome structure on the Ark. The map is segmented into two distinct levels: a top portion that features a grassy field and some sparse trees, with a few Forerunner structures providing cover and vantage points, and an underground portion that has been tainted by a Flood outbreak that features a few tunnels and two submerged bases.
An overhead view of Isolation.
An overhead view of Isolation.

Isolation is symmetrical in design, and as such supports 2-sided Objective games well, such as Assault and Capture the Flag. However, it is also a well-balanced map for games of Slayer and King of the Hill in both a team and Free-for-all setting.

Miscellaneous Facts

  • Isolation features Flood Growth Pods in several places throughout the underground portion of the map that, when shot or grenaded, will pop and create a small noise reminiscent of a death scream -- these pods are similar in appearance to those found in Halo 3's campaign on Flood infested levels.
  • Over an extended period of time, the grass on the upper portion of the map changes its color to a browner shade of green than normal, and appears as though it was dying.

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