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Mario rolls during his turn in Fortune Street.
Mario rolls during his turn in Fortune Street.

The games involve four players, all of whom roll a die on their respective turns and move the number of spaces around the board shown on the die. When they land on unowned property spaces they can buy the property and if they land on a property space owned by another player they must pay the player who has bought that property a sum of money. Players also collect money when they past the bank space and can buy stocks on various blocks of property. As players pass over the heart, diamond, spade, and club spaces they collect suits which level them up and allow them to collect more money when they pass the bank space. The objective of the matches is usually to acquire a certain amount of money before the other players or to bankrupt a certain player.

The games have been brought out on both Sony and Nintendo platforms, and have featured characters from the Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, and Mario franchises. A simple version of this game was included in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, named Command Board.

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