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    Iwatodai Station

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    The place closest to the SEES dorm. The player can buy food or do other things to increase stats (charm, courage, etc.). The player can also talk to social links here.

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    Iwatodai Station is the place where the strip mall is. The mall is full of restaurants and stores, open day and night. The player can improve his/her stats (Academics, Courage, and Charm) by eating in any of the fast-food joints around the station. The main storyline also includes Iwatodai, when SEES members fight shadows around the area. The player also hangs out with Social Links around the area.

    Stores & Other Venues


    Located at the far right of the station. The Weird Takoyaki can be bought here. It does not increase any of the player's stats, but the item can be needed to establish a Social Link.

    The second-grader, Maiko loves Takoyaki and her favorite drink is the Mad Bull. The player has to give her both of these items. Afterwards, the Hanged Man Arcana Social Link can be established with her, and always hangs out around Naganaki Shrine.

    Wild-Duck Burger

    This fast-food restaurant is known for its burgers and of course, their duck mascot. The player can buy the "Mystery Burger" here for 500 Yen. It increases the player's Courage. Although, to get in, the player must have a little bit of courage (you can level up your courage in Paulownia Mall either by arcade or karaoke). Some days the player hangs out with certain Social Links here.

    Books, books, and more books.
    Books, books, and more books.

    Right next to Wild-Duck Burger, this store mostly sells used books. The store is run by an old couple, Bunkichi and Mitsuko, who are Social Links of the Hierophant Arcana. The player can establish a Social Link with them after 4/25 by going to this store everytime they are available. First, the player has to obtain the item Persimmon Leaf by going to Gekkoukan High and going to the tree there. The player can hang out with them Monday through Saturday. They are closed on Sundays. Therefore, the player cannot hang out with them on that day. After the Hierophant Social Link reaches a certain level, Bebe visits the old couple after Bunkichi "loses" his wallet. Afterwards, the player can talk to Bebe in the Home Economics Room at Gekkoukan High.

    Sweet Shop

    Located on the second floor. There us really nothing much to do here. Except in some days, the player hangs out with Social Links here.

    Players can get their Hagakure Bowl here.
    Players can get their Hagakure Bowl here.

    Located on the second floor, in the middle. Hagakure is a ramen shop. Some days, the player hangs out with a Social Link here, and it is also the most visited out of all places. Although ramen is mostly ordered here, the player can actually buy Tuna for 900 Yen. Buying the tuna in Hagakure increases the player's Charm status level.

    Wakatsu Restaurant

    Located on the second floor, on the left. This restaurant sells sushi.

    Beef Bowl Shop

    Located on the third floor of the strip mall, on the very right. This restaurant is well-known for their delicious beef bowls.

    Book On

    A bookstore that sells manga. Player hangs out here with certain Social Links from time to time. This is also Chihiro Fushimi's favorite store.

    Social Links

    The Hierophant Arcana Social Link can be found at the bookstore. Also, Mamoru Hayase of the Star Arcana can be found sitting on a bench here. Although the player cannot establish the Star Social Link with Mamoru after a certain event later on in the game has occured.

    Other Games

    Featuring...the love hotel.
    Featuring...the love hotel.
    Iwatodai is also featured in Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4, on the party's field trip in that area. They also visit the hotel in Shirakawa Boulevard (the place where SEES battled two shadows in Persona 3), and they also visited the strip mall, mainly Hagakure Bowl.

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