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Though they were not the first gods in existence, Izanagi and Izanami were nonetheless tasked with creating the Japanese islands. By dipping a spear in water, they created a landmass on which they courted, but after it went slightly awry, Izanami birthed two deformed children which were sent away to sea. After a more successful courtship, the islands of Japan and many gods were formed from their union.

However, when the fire god Kagutsuchi burned Izanami to death as she gave birth to him, Izanagi grew enraged and cut his son into eight pieces, which then formed other gods. Grief-stricken, Izanagi ventured to the underworld known as Yomi to see if he could bring back his wife. When he found Izanami there in its darkness, she informed him that she could not return to the ranks of the living. He was to understand why when he shone light on Izanami -- she was rotting and maggot-ridden. Frightened, Izanagi hurried out of Yomi, but Izanami and her ranks of the Yomotsu-Shikome wild women gave chase. Izanagi was able to escape and seal the entrance to Yomi, but not before Izanami cursed the land, saying that every day she would take the lives of 1,000. In retort, Izanagi vowed he would every day bring life to 1,500.

After these events, Izanagi himself was able to create more gods, such as sun goddess Amaterasu out of his left eye, moon god Tsukuyomi from his right eye, and storm god Susano-o out of his nose.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4

In Persona 4, Izanagi is the protagonist's initial Persona. The legend of Izanagi and Izanami plays an important role in both the game's plot and its underlying themes. Just as Izanagi discovered the truth of Izanami's rotting appearance, it is up to the protagonist and his friends to discover the truth behind the Inaba serial killings, events that occurred as a result of actions taken by Izanami herself. Further connecting the stories, the Personas of the other main characters also share links to the legend of Izanagi and Izanami.

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