What's an Izuna Drop?

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#1 Posted by Luke (1812 posts) -

For those of you out there that have always had a thing for Guy, but didn't know why... maybe it's for the same reason you hate Vega?  Regardless, it must be because of their mad Izuna skills! 
Do you still find yourself constantly asking, "Did Rock Lee really whoop Sasuke that badly, in the earlier episodes... how did he do that again?" 
Well, ask no more.  Marvel at the pure amazement, and again if you don't already know, enlighten yourselves all about the wonderful world of Izuna Drops!!! 

Man, seriously, I really wish I could see someone do this in RL.  Just think about how awesome it'd be to see a drunken bar brawl end with one duder giving the other duder a rundown of his Izuna technique! 
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DOA!! god i love that move. 

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Its when i drop an Izuna on dat ass

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#4 Posted by Luke (1812 posts) -
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Oh shit... LiL' Jon !!!

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Morrigan takes the cake!
That's one high ass Izuna Drop. And she has a nice ass, and boobs or whatever....

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I seen that video yesterday.  Good stuff.  I love the Viruta Fighter 3 suicide one.

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I fell in love with the move in Ninja Gaiden on the first XBOX. That game had us in awe. A groundbreaking moment in action gameplay and video game aesthetics. Something that undeniably defined how my friends and I felt about this weird black box we all bought into. Something to stem the pain of the loss of the Dreamcast without giving in and buying a PS2.

Vega's and Guy's also deserve an honorable mention.

I should really find a copy of Ninja Gaiden Black... sadly the only videos of the move on the net have weird commentary. The move is not that hard, just unusable on the large monster enemies throughout the game.

Sorry for resurrecting an old thread, I can't imagine not posting on this now that I know theres a thread about one of my all time favourite video game moves on my all time favourite video game website.

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