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Jace Stratton in the Gears of War comic series
Jace Stratton in the Gears of War comic series

Jace was born on Sera a few years before E-day began. He watched his family killed in front of him by the Locust and also had his brother die in his arms. He was saved from being killed by a Drone and Berserker by some C.O.G soldiers. After being saved, he was transported to a orphanage where he remained for sometime before leaving and joining the Coalition of Ordered Governments. He completed his basic training with his friend Gil, but never learned how to fully operate a King Raven.

He then joins Delta Squad along with Gil and they proceed into battle. During a recovery mission, the squard is ambushed and Gil dies in Jace's arms, which gives him flashbacks of his brother. He is given recovery time and decides to visit the old orphanage that he was rasied in. His next mission with Delta was to investigate Locust activity between Jacinto and Montevado. During this, the Raven they are in is attacked by Nemacyst and the pilot is killed. Jace takes control and attempts to land it, but instead lands on a emergence hole, luckily killing most of the Locust fighting them.

The team then escapes and Jace finds a stranded girl named Lily. He decides to take her with them in order to get her back to her family. The team is then tasked with guiding an armoured convoy into Montevado, but are attacked by a Brumak. Baird and Cole show up and help the team kill it, and Jace realizes that it would be safer if he gives Lily to another squad to take back to Jacinto as Montevado isn't safe.

Jace Stratton in Gears of War 3
Jace Stratton in Gears of War 3

Delta is soon attacked by Wretches and retreat into a city, only for it to be sunk by the Locust. Jace and Dom are seperated from the rest of Delta and try to find their way out, but are attacked by Leeches. They are almost killed when Marcus and Barrick (another Delta member) save them. Bloodmounts soon arrive to fight them and Marcus tells Jace and Dom to get to higher ground and that he will handle it with Barrick. Once out of the sinkhole, Jace and Dom find a Stranded camp where Lily's mother is occupied at. They tell her that her daughter is still alive and in Jacinto. Marcus arrives alone, as Barrick sacrificed himself for Marcus to escape. Jace later falls back into the sinkhole and is almost killed by a Berserker, but Marcus saves him with a Raven and Delta and the Stranded leave for Jacinto.

During Operation Hollow Storm, Jace is assigned as the leader of Alpha-7 and descends into the Hollow shortly after Delta. You can hear Jace yelling orders at his team during certain parts of Act 2 in Gears of War 2. His team saves Jonathan Harper, who was held captive by the Locust and help him reach the surface. Jace is not heard from again during the game, but he is known to have lived through the sinking of Jacinto.

Jace will be playable in Gears of War 3, once again being assigned to Delta Squad.


Cliff Bleszinski confirmed in a GTTV interview with Geoff Keighley that Jace Stratton is based on gaming personality and personal friend of Cliff, Jace Hall. There was actually a joke video involving Ice T and Jace Hall where Ice called up Cliff Bleszinski to complain that Jace was in the game and he wasn't because no-one knows who Jace is. Ice T has his since gotten his own character in Gears of War 3, Aaron Griffin, thanks to this video.

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