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    Alexander Leland Cayne

    Character » appears in 2 games

    "Jack" Cayne is a former US Federal agent committed to locating the assassin known as Agent 47.

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    Cayne was the former FBI Director, and secretly he also headed The Franchise - the organisation attempting to liquidate the ICA, Agent 47's employers. Cayne narrates the events of Hitman: Blood Money, and serves as the primary antagonist. Many players know Alexander Leland Cayne as 'Jack', and 47 himself even referred to him as 'Wheelchair Guy' on at least one occasion. Cayne is paralysed, and wheelchair-bound, with a large amount of skin missing from the left side of his face. How this occurred is never explained fully, but according to the official Hitman: Blood Money website, Cayne himself believed it was an assassination attempt. This began his obsession with contract killers.

    Cayne's organisation, The Franchise, relied on clone killers, much like how Ort-Meyer created his clones. Ort-Meyer's technology was the best of its kind, and The Franchise was much inferior in comparison with its cloning techniques. In order to make his own life easier, he sought to have Agent 47 classified as a weapon of mass destruction. Such a classification would make life almost impossible for 47, due to the fact that all of the United States' resources would be turned on him in order to have his death. His reasoning for attempting to have this re-classification was that Agent 47 was 'a how-to guide for any cloning labs in the world'. He said that a rogue nation or dictator could easily clone many 47s, and could eventually wind up with a personal army of the most deadly killers in the world. Upon the death of 47, Cayne intended for DNA to be gathered from the corpse in order to improve his own technologies.

    Cayne had some useful allies, such as a 'crooked cop' in Paris, one Albert Fournier. In addition to this, he had associates with 'pull at every domestic agency' (as Agent Smith puts it) in the US government. Cayne used these politicians to ensure that Daniel Morris was promoted to Vice-President of the United States. From this, he believed he could have President Tom Stewart assassinated and replaced by Daniel Morris. Daniel Morris would then outlaw cloning in the United States, effectively giving free reign over cloning to himself. This plan was then foiled at the close of Hitman: Blood Money.

    During Hitman: Blood Money, he manages to put the Agency out of business, and has mission contractor Diana Burnwood re-employed as part of The Franchise. He shares these stories with Rick Henderson, an American journalist who was intending to report on Agent 47. Cayne does 'gloss over' some of the finer points of Agent 47's capture, and other information. For example, he claims that 47 'died of clumsiness', by severing his spinal cord while climbing over the White House gate. This is not the case, but Henderson accepts this information, unaware of whether or not it is all correct or not.


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