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    Jack Bauer

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    Jack Bauer, saving the world one day at a time. Often misunderstood and known for getting the job done ANY way, may it be torture, death, or pain, Jack Bauer has risked his life and body for The United Stated of America. He is played by Kiefer Sutherland.

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    Special Assistant to the Secretary of Defense

    Department of Defense (DOD),


    Director of Field Operations, Domestic Unit

    Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU)

    Former Special Agent in Charge, Domestic Unit

    Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU)


    Special Weapons and Tactics

    Police Department (LAPD)


    Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department

    Master of Science, Criminology and Law

    , Berkeley

    Bachelor of Arts, English Literature


    Special Forces Operations Training Course

    Combat Applications Group, Delta Force Counter Terrorist Group


    Daughter: Kimberly Bauer

    Known for his highly emotional, and erratic, approach to fighting terrorists threats, Jack Bauer is a the lone wolf of lone wolves, the loose cannon of loose cannons, and the rogue agent that everyone hates to love. If Jack thinks that a tactic will serve the greater good and protect the innocent citizens of the United States of America, he will do it. No matter what the cost to him personally, or to the health of anyone he may consider a threat, or anyone standing in his way of getting to that threat. He's the guy they call when all options are on the table. He's the guy they call when there's no one willing to do the dirty work. He is Jack Bauer. He also appears in the 24 TV show.


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