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    Jack Carver

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    Jack Carver is the main character in the PC game Far Cry, and in the Xbox, Xbox 360 and Wii spin-offs of the first game.

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    Jack Carver is the main character in the Ubisoft/Crytek game Far Cry, and in the subsequent console spin-offs solely developed by Ubisoft. He will not be returning for the Ubisoft-developed sequel, Far Cry 2.

    Far Cry

    Jack Carver is an ex-soldier for the United States, now retired and living in the Pacific, contracting his
    Jack Carver in his iconic Hawaiian shirt.
    Jack Carver in his iconic Hawaiian shirt.
    boat out to tourists. After a reporter hires him to take her to an archipelago, his boat is hit with mortar fire, and Jack finds himself shipwrecked on the island. Immediately attacked by mercenaries, Jack fights for his survival while being guided by a scientist on the island named Doyle. His attempts to find the reporter Val are met with serious resistance, and Jack finds himself in the middle of a massive battle between the mercenaries and the experiments being created on the island- mutated primates and humans.

    The console versions of Far Cry are similar, but also have Jack being infected with the mutagen, and subsequently gaining new animal-like abilities, such as super-speed, strength and agility. In the original PC version of the game, Jack is infected, but it doesn't affect gameplay, merely his appearance, and the last levels become a race to find an antidote before he succumbs completely to the mutagen.


    • "Awww, shhiiit "
    • "Explains. Hiring. Practices. "
    • "You're quick with those setups, aren't you ?  Bet you didn't see this one coming."
    • "Okay. Hang on one fucking second. What is this shit? "
    • "You owe me a boat."
    • "Do your worst"
    • "Screw her, Get me outta here. "

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