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Jack Jeanne is an opera-themed otome game which is developed by BROCCOLI Co., Ltd. for Nintendo Switch.


Jack Jeanne is a Nintendo Switch simulation game where players would role-play as a girl student who secretly enters Univers, a male-only opera school. Players need to cover their identity and climb their way up to become the main character of the school's public opera show. What will be the future for our protagonist? How will she develop friendship and relationship with her classmates? These questions will be answered when players progress further and deeper into the story.

Release Information

The original release date of Jack Jeanne was August 5, 2020 but it got delayed because of COVID-19 and the new release date was December 3, 2020 in Japan. But once again, it got delayed and the new release date was March 18, 2021. BROCCOLI Co., Ltd. also announced in Twitter that this game might release worldwide.


Sui Ishida (The Creator of Tokyo Ghoul) - Original concept, in-game illustration, insert song lyrics and character design.

Shin Towada (Worked for Tokyo Ghoul light novel) - Penned the game's scenario.

Akira Kosemura - Composed the music of this game.

Lownine - Concept art.

Seishiro Akidomi - Choreography.

BROCCOLI Co., Ltd. is developing the game in collaboration with Happinet Games.


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