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    Jack Skellington

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    Jack Skellington, or the Pumpkin King, is the tall, skeletal ruler of Halloween Town. He's hospitable, but his repetitive life causes him to do things he doesn't quite understand, just for variety.

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    Jack Skellington first appeared in the classic Tim Burton film the Nightmare Christmas where he was voiced by film composer Danny Elfman (sung pieces) and actor Chris Sarandon (speaking). As King of Halloween Town, he is in charge of the Halloween Celebration that he and all the residents celebrate every year. But, Jack has grown tired of repeating the same holiday and accidentally finds out about other holidays when he wanders off into the woods. The one holiday he becomes intrigued by is Christmas, which gives him the idea to celebrate the holiday himself in Halloween Town. Although Jack has good intentions with his own celebration of Christmas, he doesn't quite understand the holiday and what it means. He and the residents of Halloween Town end up giving Christmas a nightmarish make-over, but it doesn't go all too well.

    He has since appeared in nine games, has had clothing and toys made featuring his image, and is recognized as one of the top 25 best Disney characters of all time.


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