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Bulls eye
Bulls eye
Jackass: The Game is based off the famous show of the same name that involves humiliating scenarios and crazy stunts.  Released for the Playstation 2 and the PSP in 2007, Jackass: The Game is a minigame collection that spans 40 different "stunts." Voiced by the actual people from the show with the exception of Bam Margera, these minigames are full of hilarious ball-hitting enjoyment. 

A DS version with the same title was also released but is a completely different game both in genre and gameplay.


    Anti-Nowhere League - I Hate People
    Balzac - Wall
    Cakecutter - Nude Country
    Circle Jerks - Live Fast and Die Young
    Circle Jerks - I'm Gonna Live
    CKY - 96 Quite Bitter Beings
    Chris Pontius – Karazy  Chris Pontius - Swamp Boogie
    Datsuns - Sittin' Pretty
    Datsuns - What Would I Know
    Dave Rohen - Party Boy Theme
    Deviants - Again
    Marginal Man - Friend
    Minutemen - Corona
    Misfits - Spinal Remains
    Nashville Pussy - Come on, Come On
    Nashville Pussy - Hate and Whiskey
    Roger Alan Wade - BB Gun
    Roger Alan Wade - If You're Gonna Be Dumb, You Gotta Be Tough
    Skinny Puppy - Politikil
    Smut Peddlers - Coopers
    Smut Peddlers - Do the Flop
    Turbonegro - Selfdestructo Bust
    Turbonegro - Prince of the Rodeo
    Vandals - Urban Struggle
    Virginia City Revival - Drink for Free

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