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Jackass: The Game for the Nintendo DS is unlike the PSP and PS2 version in that it a not a minigame collection, and could best be described as a free roaming stunt simulator.


Go for the mailboxes.
Go for the mailboxes.
In Jackass: The Game you walk around in a location with no boundaries and your goal is to string up stunts in order to unlock new content.
The best way to explain this is by giving an example.
The game will give you a mission like, Ride a cart down a hill and smash into 3 mailboxes then run into a trampoline with the cart and try and land in a dumpster within 1 minute without bailing.
Once you succeed a certain number of these missions in a level one of the crew members will call you up on your cell phone and give you one final usually harder stunt you'll have to do in order to unlock costumes or the next level.

The game uses a mini-map on the lower screen to show you where all the vehicles and the stunts are. Using it correctly will allow you to land exactly on a vehicle or trap so that you can make your combo string even longer.
The longer your combo string the longer the point multiplier so it is in ones best interest to keep a close eye to the mini-map.


Dodge it !!!
Dodge it !!!
Some times you will be given as mission to complete a mini game. The mini games are:
  • Medicine Ball dodge ball.
  • Shooting pedestrians with a sling shot.


The main game simply uses the D-pad in order to navigate and the A button to interact with objects or get in and jump out of vehicles. The minigames however are fully touch controlled.

Character creation

Jackass: The Game on the DS features a character creator that allows you to make your own jackass superstar from midget to over obese giant if so your desire is.
Extra clothes and tattoos are unlocked by stringing up stunt in order to gain a lot of points and by collection various collectbles hidden around the levels


There are 6 different locations for you to mess around in. The locations are:
  • Heavy Set Hills
  • Jetrhos new "o" Ranch
  • Mianus City
  • Whitehead Resort
  • Sunona Industrial
  • Cornhole industrial

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