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    Jackie Chan

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    Famous martial artist, actor, and singer.

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    With a similar robe and wine jug found in his film of the same name, "Drunken Master" Jackie Chan fights using the Zui Quan -- or Drunken Fist style of Chinese martial arts. As one of two characters with a projectile attack, "Drunken" Jackie uses his wine jug as a powerful tool for zoning and punishment situations.


    One of three playable Jackie Chan's in Fists of Fire, "Drunken" Jackie is considered to be second to "Project A" Jackie, but better than "Spiritual Kung-Fu" Jackie. placing him in upper-mid tier territory. While many of his moves tend to leave him at a disadvantage, his incredibly long-range, powerful pokes and high-damaging combos make up for his vulnerabilities.

    Signature Moves

    Pot Bomb

    Thrusting his wine jug in an arcing fashion towards his opponent, "Drunken" Jackie's projectile has massive range and a splash damage-like effect. This move can also be used to attack opponents laying on the ground.

    Drunken Dragon

    "Drunken" Jackie unleashes a powerful flurry of spinning attacks which can not be stopped once activated. Unfortunately, this attack does not knock down the opponent if it connects, leaving Jackie vulnerable to counter-attacks even after a successful combo.

    Reversing Attack

    Jackie flips upside-down, extends his arms and twirls towards his opponent like a helicopter. While a strange attack, it not only does a good amount of damage (including impressive chip damage), but it knocks down, making it "Drunken" Jackie's best combo ender. 

    Trick Kick

    As the name implies, a very tricky maneuver that has "Drunken" Jackie flopping to his stomach, sliding to the other side of his opponent and kicking them behind-the-back to score a knockdown. This move has limited range and can be stopped by certain crouching attacks, so its most commonly used as a method of counter-attacking an opponents wake-up reversal.

    Drunken Reverse (Super)

    A combination of the Drunken Dragon and Reversing Attack specials, "Drunken" Jackie's super opens with a string of combination attacks on the ground before taking off to the sky like a helicopter. This Super also has a vacuum property to it, making attempts to punish it mid-attack very risky. 


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