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    Jacky Bryant

    Character » appears in 24 games

    A basic combo whore by nature, Jacky Bryant is actually one of the top tiered fighters in Virtua Fighter. He fights using the Jeet Kune Do style.

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    A race car driver by nature, Jacky Bryant is the elder brother of Sarah Bryant who was injured in an accident during a race in the Indianapolis 500. After going through a grueling rehab process, Jacky entered the first World Fighting Tournament to find out what happened to his sister. Apparently, the evil and mysterious J6 Corporation, which had way too much time on their hands, somehow arranged for Jacky to have an accident in the race so they could kidnap his sister while he wasn't around to protect her. Then Jacky later ran into Sarah during the tournament, where J6 turned her into a brainwashed assassin who had no memory of him and orders to kill him. Of course, he managed to survive and avoided killing his sister, but even after Sarah regained her lost memories she still wishes to beat her brother in the latest tournament.

    Jacky uses a variation of Jeet Kune Do, a fluid form of martial arts originally developed by Bruce Lee. As such, skilled Jacky users make use of his large list of combos that can be used to quickly chip away at the opponent's health, especially if the opponent forgets to block.


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