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    Jade Curtiss

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    Jade Curtiss is one of the main character leads in the game "Tales of the Abyss".

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    Real Name: Jade Curtiss/ Jade Balfour
    Title: Colonel for the Malkuth Empire
    Age: 35 
    Class: Fonist 
    Place of Birth: Keterburg, Malkuth

    Life before...

    The life of the man who would become Colonel Jade Curtiss begun in the silver city of Keterburg in the Malkuth Empire. He was born into a well off family and had a sister named Nephry who would one day garner the attention of the future emperor of Malkuth, Peony the Third. As a child Jade Balfour showed his extraordinary talents of manipulating the fonic artes to his desires. His high intellect made him into a curious boy and he experimented in what he could. He viewed life only as a means to gain a certain end. It was during his childhood that Jade managed to use the Fonic Artes to replicate a doll that belonged to his sister Nephry. It was in this moment that he created the basis for Fomicry, a science that employed Fonons in the replication of both living organisms and non-living things. As he grew up he sought to answer his burning curiosity and his constant questions going as far as manipulating the fonic vibrations of any living creature to create a perfect replica caring little of the consequences to the creature. It wasn't until he met Professor Nebilim who lived in Keterburg at the time, that Jades curiosity with life and death were changed. 

    Professor Gelda Nebilim, a former Oracle Knight moved to Keterburg and set up a school where she taught Jade, Nephry, Peony, and the Saphir (The future Dist the Reaper). Jade, thinking that he could control and use the Seventh Fonons like Nebilim experimented using them in Nebilims home. It was during this time that Professor Nebilim suffered a life threatening injury caused by a fire that  Jade  can caused. As she lay dying Jade, with the help of Saphir, saw this as the perfect opportunity to create a human replica. Before Professor Nebilim passed away he took what samples he needed from her, but in so doing he recreated a monster which he and a friend, Saphir, had to destroy. After the incident Jades views on life and death started to slowly change with the much help from his best friend, Emperor Peony. It wasn't soon after that a famous Malkuthian Military family, the Curtiss, adopted Jade Balfour into their home and gave him their surname thus becoming Jade Curtiss.

    Destiny at Play...

    He grew up in the Curtiss military family joining the ranks of the Malkuth empire and gained the rank of Colonel. It was during one of his missions aboard the battleship Tarturus that he would encounter the two people that would help shape the world that was about to change the world and ultimately his life.

    During a mission across the continent of Malkuth, the Tarturus, commanded by Jade, is chasing a gang of rogues; it's during this time he encounters a small carriage that carry Luke fon Fabre and Tear Grants. During his skirmish with the rogues, Jade's unit is forced to destroy the bridge that would see Luke and Tear back to Kimlasca-Lanvaldear thus forcing them to remain in Malkuth.

    Jade, however, heads to the small hamlet town of Engeve in order to meet with the Fon Master of the Order of Lorelei, Ion, along with his companion and bodyguard, Anise Tatlin. It's during his stay here that Jade comes faces to face with Luke and Tear when Luke is accused of stealing. They find out that he's a Colonel for the Malkuth Military and realize they need to tred with caution. When Luke decides to clear his name as thief, and he and Tear head into the Cheagle Woods to find out whose responsible for stealing food from the village, they're attacked by a monster. Both he and Tear are too weak to defeat the monster and when all seems lost Jade steps in to save them both, and at the same time showing off his powerful Fonic Artes abilities. And not soon after the fight the group is joined by Anise and Ion. When they return back to town Jade arrests Tear and Luke and take them to the Tarturus for imprisonment.

    Luke and Tear are released and that's when Jade and the rest explain to Luke that they want his help in trying to avert war. This was the reason why Jade had come to meet with Fon Master Ion in secret and at the behest of his Emperor in order to avert this war. Luke reluctantly agrees and it isn't long after that the Tarturus comes under attack thanks to the God Generals Largo who manage to kidnap Ion. Jade attempts to ward off the Black Lion of the Six God Generals Largo and that's when Largo refers to Jade as "Jade the Necromancer". They have a brief skirmish where Jade manages to release his lance and successfully attack the Black Lion Largo, injuring him. But since the wound wasn't mortal, Largo has strength enough to give Jade a little surprise. Using a fon slot seal, Largo seals Jade's Fonic Artes which in turns causes the powerful Colonel to revert to a much weaker base of knowledge with his Fonic Artes, and forced to learn all his abilities anew. After leaving Largo Jade and company run for the upper levels of the Tarturus where they're able to find enough weapons to launch an attack on some of the other God Generals. It isn't long before reinforcement in the form of Guy arrives and the Jade and the others (including Guy) manage to escape. 

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