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BioWare Takes a Few Risks in the Wake of KotOR's Success 1

Jade Empire is the latest epic from BioWare.  If you've been living in a cave for the past decade or so, BioWare has built a solid reputation in the RPG world with the likes of Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights, and most recently Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.  Jade Empire is their first Xbox-only title as well as their first game based on a completely original world.  Jade is loosely based on the mythology of ancient China, but make no mistake, the game isn't based in historical C...

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Solid Title With a Few Flaws 0

When Jade Empire fell below $5 during the rush of holiday sales on Steam, I decided to pick it up and play through it, considering I never did get around to playing it before. All I really heard about it up to that point was that it was an RPG by Bioware, with real-time kung-fu fighting and a story loosely derived from Chinese mythology. So I played through the first few hours, and I got hooked.  The story starts out like one from a classic kung-fu flick: you are an orphan being raised by a kind...

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Jade Empire is undeniably a Knights of the Old Republic clone in terms of the aspects of its has the similar storyline of a character trying to figure out his or her past, a group of followers that represent the two sides of the moral spectrum, a potential love story to be followed, and some very powerful magical beings substituted in for the Jedi of KOTOR.Though most of the story seems to be derived from Knights of the Old Republic, BioWare implemented a combat system that is, in my ...

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One of the best RPG's on the Xbox 0

If you're looking for a great RPG for the original Xbox then look no further than Jade Empire. From the makers of Knights of the Old Republic, Mass Effect and Dragon Age comes an RPG set in an ancient China styled fictional kingdom. You can play as up to 6 different characters, (7 if you get the limited edition version). The gameplay is very similar to the other franchises made by BioWare. Choose your own path of good or evil, complete quests and level up. The combat is free form allowing you to...

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Jade Empire's dull combat ruins its epic story 0

In the Jade Empire, something strange is afoot. Corruption is winding its way to the highest levels of government, and some begin to wonder why the Emperor hasn’t stepped in and stopped it. Far removed from these troubles, your life as a young fighter is peaceful. You spend each day training under the tutelage of the kind Master Li. While you do have run-ins with some of your fellow students, most of your peers respect and like you. Soon, however, your life takes a drastic change. Pirates raze ...

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Micro-Review: Underwhelming 0

This game certainly shows the markings of where Mass Effect and other BioWare RPG's came from. The gameplay mechanic in this game is fairly solid and after one realizes that this is not a brawler the pertinence needed for battle becomes more apparent.  That is not to say though the battle system is deep, in fact far from it. I found myself utilizing 2-3 basic moves and attacks the entire game.  I was also very disappointed by the scope of the game. The game takes place in a very linear fashion t...

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Jade Empire. 0

If you've played any of biowares many RPG's in the past ( Kotor,NWN) then you'll know that bioware has a nack for great storys and deep gameplay. However, with Jade Empire biowares first true "Action RPG" they seem to focus more on a unique setting and great story and less on deep and compelling gameplay. The surprising thing is... that doesn't hold Jade Empire back from being enjoyable. Like any good bioware game you start out as a normal person oblivious to you true destiny, untill of course t...

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A mechanically flawed but aesthetically beautiful rpg 0

Jade Empire is martial arts-themed RPG from famed game creators Bioware. It has its share of flaws, but also many redeeming elements. Let me cover the flaws first. The biggest flaw in the game is the combat system. Like Greg Kasavin notes in the GameSpot review, you can literally use the same tactic on every enemy. You basically just attack an enemy and jump over him when he comes at you. Rinse and repeat. Your styles don't acquire new moves as you level up, and the combat does become repetiti...

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A Great Bioware RPG 0

Jade empire came out on the xbox a few years ago and was great.Jade empire special edition adds many new features and fighting styles.If you have played KOTOR ( made by same company) you will enjoy this game becasue they are very similiar.You can pick from 6 our so charcters to begin your journey thro the Jade Empire which has been corrupted buy ghosts and a terrbiel goverment run by a corrupt emperor and assasins.You gain level as you progress and learn new fighting styles.You can buy new weapo...

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A short yet inspired action RPG romp 0

Bioware is one of the best RPG makers in the world of gaming. Few will argue this point, as the company has a catalog that includes such hits as Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights and KOTOR. For Jade Empire, Bioware decided to build a universe based on mythic China and create a combat system revolving around classic martial arts. The result is a game that lacks depth but remains enjoyable enough for it's 20 hours of playtime.You begin Jade Empire by selecting one of several character models each ...

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Jade Empire Review: An oriental breeze of fresh air 0

Jade Empire was bioware's first original IP, although you wouldn't know it from the amount of lore and history that the game world has. Jade Empire plays similarly to Kotor in that its a third person rpg. You are a young martial artist, of either gender as you select your character at the start of the game. With the world of Jade Empire, Bioware were able to create their own fiction without constraint and the quality of writing, setting and narrative is incredible.  Its a mythological China fill...

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Great RPG that starts out slow but finishes very strong. 0

Took me a while to play Jade Empire but I finally got around to it and I don't regret my choice. Most people I talked to told me that the game was good but not memorable, well I’m here to disagree because I found this game VERY memorable. Most say that the gameplay sucks, and in a way they would be right. It is very repetitive, all of the styles have only a couple of attacks each (strong attack, normal attack), which can make combat grow old fast when you have to rely on only one or two styles...

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Jade Empire was a suprisingly good game, despite a few flaws. 0

So Jade Empire was a pretty good game, but with a few flaws that bugged me. The battle system just wasn't that good to begin with, there isn't much action, and the game was just extremely easy, that it only took a few hits to kill an enemy. Boss battles were pretty simple as well and easy to figure out. I was expecting a very open-ended game, but only 2 of the 7 chapters had any amount of freedom, everything else was linear. I also had issues with the camera and load times. The ending of the gam...

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Jade Empire 0

Jade Empire is a fun, solid RPG by Bioware that's hampered slightly by a few small issues.  The PC exclusive "Special Edition" comes with some new content, however in general it's not a very good port.  Mouse support isn't great, there are some weird control screw ups, and a few dumb glitches here and there.  Along with some weird presentation issues, the game feels outdated technically even for a game originally released four years ago.  The story segments are a weird mishmash of nice-looking C...

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