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    Jade is the main character in the Beyond Good and Evil series. She is a martial artist, photojournalist, spy, hoverboat pilot, and co-owner and caretaker of an orphanage. She is notable among video game protagonists for being a strong, intelligent, charismatic woman, without being sexualized.

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    Jade is a young photographer who owns and runs an orphanage along with her "uncle" Pey'j, an anthropomorphic pig, on the planet Hillys.  She is particularly skilled in the use of a fighting staff known as a Daï-jo.
    In Beyond Good and Evil Jade is drawn into a conspiracy plot involving the entire population of the planet Hillys.  She joins the IRIS Network, an underground freedom-fighting group of reporters, becoming one of their key spies, her IRIS code-name is Shauni.
    Most of her outfit, including her lipstick, is green. She uses a  Daï-Jo as her main weapon.


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