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    Jaden Yuki

    Character » appears in 8 games

    He is the main character in the Yugioh Gx series which is after the Yugioh series. He has a deck composed of Elemental Heroes and fuses them with polymerization making many combinations.

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    Jaiden Yuki is the main character in Yugioh Gx, he starts out in the Slifer Dorm, after bearly making it into the Entrance Examinations. Jaden does very poorly in written exams, but he duels exceptionally well. He is in every arc of Yugioh Gx, and suffers his first loss against Zane Truesdale. He faces the Shadow Riders along with several of his companions and beats the last shadow rider his teacher Lyman Banner whom warns him about Kagemaru who wields the three sacred beast cards, and Jaden beats him. In the second season he fights the leader of the society of light and also beats them and stops them from brainwashing any more students. The third season Jaden is pursued by Yubel, and later transforms into the Supreme King trying to collect enough souls to complete his Super Polarization card but is stopped by Axel Brodie. It turns out that Yubel hated Jaden because of what his past life (the Supreme King) did to him, and Jaden stops him by using him Super Polymerization card to fuse their souls together, and returns to the academy. He is then more serious, and leaves duel academy afraid that he would hurt his friends. Later, Axel Brodie tells him that Domino City is empty so Jaden goes there and ends up facing Night shroud which he beats. He returns there once more for his graduation duel facing off against  Yugi, and gets back something he lost during the series, dueling for fun. When Yugi summons Slifer The Sky Dragon, and Jaden has Neos in his field they battle, and the duel has no end to it.

    Catch Phrases

    • "Get your game on"
    • "I'll throw down a face down"
    • "Thats Game"
    • "Got ya"

    Deck Type

    Jadens' deck revolves around Elemental Heroes, Neo Space Heroes, and Winged Kuriboh

    Favorite Cards

    Elemental Hero Neos
    Elemental Hero Flare Wingman
    Skyscraper 2
    Neo Space


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