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    Jafar is Aladdin's sorcerer arch-enemy in the Aladdin cartoons. He was the Grand Vizier and was even a genie.

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    Jafar, along with his pet parrot Iago, attempt to use a thief in order to go to the Cave of Wonders and steal the lamp in there. However, the thief is not worthy enough to go there and Jafar has to find someone who is worthy enough to go there.
    Next, Jafar has hypnotize the Sultan into handing over his diamond ring to find the person worthy to go to the Cave of Wonders and finds out that Aladdin is the chosen one. Jafar disguises himself as a prisoner and orders Aladdin to get the lamp there. When he drops him to the cave, Jafar also loses the lamp.
    Despite that, he attempts to get the Sultan to have Jasmine marry him. Just then, Aladdin, as Prince Ali Ababwa, arrives to meet Jasmine. Angered by this, Jafar has the guards kill Aladdin by dropping him to a river. When he gets out, Aladdin breaks Jafar's staff and reveals the truth to the Sultan, but Jafar escapes.
    Upon going to his lab, Jafar laughs as he finds out that Prince Ali is Aladdin and orders Iago to get the lamp. Upon getting it, Jafar wishes that he will be sultan and has Genie place the palace to the mountains. When Jasmine and her father refuse to bow down to him, Jafar wishes to be the most powerful sorcerer in the world. He reveals to Jasmine about Aladdin's secret and sends him to the ends of the earth.
    Next, Jafar, after being attacked by Jasmine, wishes that she would fall in love with him. However, Genie refuses to do that kind of wish because it is one of the rules he has to obey. When Aladdin arrives, Jasmine pretends to fall in love with Jafar. While talking to Jasmine, Jafar finds Aladdin and tries to kill him. He shapeshifts into a cobra and traps Aladdin. When the latter tells him that the genie has more power, Jafar wishes to be a genie, but is sucked down the lamp afterwards, along with Iago. Genie throws the lamp to the Cave of Wonders.

    The Return of Jafar

    Jafar is arguing with Iago inside the lamp. Fed up with the former, Iago drops the lamp to a well so no one would try to free him.
    However, Abis Mal, a thief who suffers humiliating defeats from Aladdin, releases him from his lamp. Jafar gets him to waste on his 2 wishes and gets him to help him kill Aladdin because one of the rules of being a genie is that he can't kill anyone.
    When Abis Mal tries to kill Aladdin by waterfall, Jafar tells him that is not the kind of death he expected. He battles with Genie and defeats him. Jafar also has Jasmine and her father captured.
    Jafar plans to disguise himself as Jasmine in order to get him to accuse Aladdin of killing her father and get him sentence to death.
    Thinking Aladdin is dead, Jafar has taken over Agrabah. However, Abis Mal refuses to wish for his freedom until he gets all of the treasures. When he find Aladdin alive, Jafar transforms into his genie form and tries to kill him by dropping him into lava. However, Iago drops his lamp into it, killing Jafar.


    Kingdom Hearts

    Jafar is one of the Disney villains to be with Maleficent.
    In Agrabah, he has ordered the Heartless to search for Jasmine. Maleficent warns him to not stay in the darkness for too long or the Heartless will steal his heart. When Sora and his friends arrive, he orders the Heartless to get them. When Aladdin wishes Jasmine free, Jafar tells him that his wish is denied because he has the lamp.
    In the Cave of Wonders, Jafar wishes to find the Keyhole to the world. Then, he forced Genie into fighting Sora and his friends. After being defeated, Jafar makes his final wish to be a genie. He is sealed into the lamp with Iago after being defeated.

    Kingdom Hearts II

    Jafar appears in the second visit. He is released by the Peddler and forces Iago to put Sora and his friends into a diversion while he kidnaps Jasmine. While doing so leads for them to distrust Iago. In the palace, Jafar tells Jasmine that he will rules Agrabah while she cries by his side for the rest of her life. Just then, the heroes arrive. Jafar tries to blast Aladdin, but Iago gets in the way, earning back his trust. Jafar transforms into his genie form and fights Sora, who defeats him.

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