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    Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Dec 31, 1995

    Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games features new campaign and solo missions, while allowing the user to create his or her own campaigns, maps, and solo missions.

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    Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games is a series of additional campaigns and solo missions based around the engine of the first Jagged Alliance.  The game adds several new characters, new weapons, upgrades, and several new gameplay elements, such as an arms dealer.  Perhaps the biggest addition is the map and campaign editors, allowing creative gamers to mold and shape their own stories using various toolsets.

    Deadly Games is not a direct sequel to the original, but instead, takes the AIM mercenaries through several different campaigns, all of varying difficulty and length.  Gone are the map overview, the hired workers, and an overarching plot.  Instead, the game focuses more on the campaigns as mini-missions linked by common threads.  Additional environments also add a bit of variety to the maps,  such as the new snowy ground landscapes.

    The game editor allows users to create either single missions or entire campaigns.  Structures, objects, and landscapes can all be added or shaped.  Enemies have different AI values and defined equipment attached to them, allowing for differing challenges in gameplay and loot drops.


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