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    The second-youngest of the four Hokuto brothers from the series Fist of The North Star. Outraged over the appointment of the successor of Hokuto Shinken, he confronted Kenshiro, only to be horribly disfigured, now he seeks revenge against his younger brother no matter how.

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    Jagi is a character from Fist of the North Star. He is the third-oldest of the four Hokuto brothers, and trained with Raoh, Toki, and Kenshiro for the opportunity to become the next successor to the art Hokuto Shinken. Unlike his brothers, however, Jagi's fighting style tends to rely on cheap trickery rather than sheer martial ability.

    After Kenshiro is declared successor, Jagi flies into a rage and confronts him, refusing to have his fists sealed. Kenshiro retaliates by striking a point on Jagi's head, deforming his face, but stops short of killing him. Jagi later seeks revenge on by wandering the wasteland and impersonating Kenshiro, having giving himself seven scars on his chest while wearing a mask to hide his disfigured face.

    While impersonating Kenshiro, Jagi commits a long list of heinous crimes all in order to disgrace his brother's name. His actions eventually catch Kenshiro's attention, as he desired, but Kenshiro holds no pity for Jagi this time and finishes him off.

    Character Rating

    From Hokuto no Ken: Kyūkyoku Kaisetsusho: Seikimatsu Haō Retsuden.

    • Level: C
    • Power: 3
    • Speed: 3
    • Skills: 3
    • Looks: 0
    • Charisma: 2

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