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    Jago is a Tibetan Warrior Monk in Killer Instinct I and II.

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    Age: 21
    Height: 5' 6"  
    Weight: 190 lbs. 
    Weapon: Sword

    Mother: Unknown
    Father: (Adoptive) Master Zen' keth
    Sister: B. Orchid (Upon discovery in Killer Instinct II.) 

    Killer Instinct

    Master Zen' keth of the Tiger Shrine was approaching his departure from America when he was struck by seeing a baby in a dumpster.  He decided it was best to take the child back with him to Tibet. He named this child Jago. 

     Jago showed amazing potential in learning the way of the Tiger Shrine and during his time growing up it was revealed by Master Zen' keth himself of Jago's discovery as a child and how he ended up with the Tibetan Monks. This ultimately didn't concern Jago because he knew who his real family was. They all believed he had potential to achieve great things with his powers. 

     Jago wanted to test all that he had learned and decided to enter into the Killer Instinct 7 tournament being run by Ultratech. During his time in the tournament he ran into B.Orchid and that what Ultratech was doing with the tournament was a much bigger picture. He eventually came upon and fought Fulgore in a brutal battle resulting in the Cybernetic Soldier's defeat.  

    This granted him the right to face Eyedol in battle but ultimately lost the chance when B. Orchid in her haste to stop Ultratech killed Eyedol. Fulgore thus returned and challenged Jago once again but Jago was successful in destroying Fulgore in combat.

    Killer Instinct 2

    With Eyedol defeated Jago and Ultratech are plunged 2000 years into the past. It is here that Fulgore 2 is activated from a transmission of the previous Fulgore and so thus has the same objective to find and Kill Jago. 
     Jago also learns during his time in the past that the Tiger Shrine was a Shrine erected to worship Gargos The Demon and over the many years leading up to Jago's present it was turned into the image of a Tiger.  
    He decides to abandon the Tiger Shrine upon discovery and its way. He also learns of B.Orchid being his sister by blood. Encouraged by these new developments he seeks to uncover his past with her but cannot locate her thus he is now alone in the search of his identity.

    Special Moves

    FP= Fierce Punch   FK= Fierce Kick
    MP= Medium Punch   MK= Medium Kick
    QP= Quick Punch   QK= Quick Kick
    Jago's play style is similar to characters like Ryu of the Street Fighter Franchise. He has a fireball for zoning, a Shoryuken move for Anti-air and countering. He also has a flying kick. This makes him very versatile in any situation during a match.  
    Endokuken (Fireball) - Down Forward  Any punch button ( a yellow colored variation can be executed by holding QP then doing the command and releasing QP)  

    Tiger Fury (Jago's Shoryuken) - Forward Down Forward Any punch button
    Sliding Tiger Fury - Forward Charge( 2 second hold on the Forward movement on the joystick) Down Forward Any punch button
    Laser Sword - Forward Down Back FP
    Wind Kick - Forward Down Back Any kick button
    Fast Wind Kick - While Holding either FK or MK Forward Down Back release FK or MK.

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