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"Yes, oh omnipresent authority figure?"

Jaheira and her husband Khalid are among the first recruitable characters you encounter in Baldur's Gate; they are the pair of friends your foster father Gorion intends to meet up with when you and he depart from Candlekeep. They are Harpers, currently on their way to investigate the iron crisis on the Sword Coast, and offer you the opportunity to join their party as an equal. The pair cannot be separated except by death; if you dismiss one from your party, the other will automatically follow.

Jaheira does not take being led lightly. Even when you are the leader of the party, she will incessantly question your judgement and worry about whether or not you're upholding the Balance. She is, however, quite happy about being placed in the leader position.  Her zealous attitude can be quite grating at times.  She is fond of saying, way too often, when you're dungeon delving, "an open wound in mother earth! I would plug it had I the power!" while when you're in a city above ground she'll remind you, "this city is a blight on the landscape!  Better to have let the land grow wild!" Later, she will proclaim that "Nature could find a home here if it were properly cleansed and balanced" - about just about any kind of area, including sewers, planar spheres and beholder tunnels.

In Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, Jaheira can be found in a cage at the beginning of Irenicus's prison, and you have to retrieve a magical key from the next room in order to let her out. She will give you some back story (which presumes that she and Khalid were part of your party in Baldur's Gate, and that you were friends) and expect to join as an old friend and companion - it is, however, possible to tell her to find her own way out, even though you are not given the opportunity to claim you never knew her. If she joins your party, she will recognize a dissected body in a later room as that of her husband, Khalid, and seeking revenge for him becomes a strong part of her motivation for wanting to get at Irenicus.

Over the course of SoA, Jaheira will treat the protagonist as a confidante, but also offer advice at several turns, and she may grow romantically involved with a male protagonist. There are two sidequests linked with her. The shortest is that of Baron Ployer, who places a curse on her as revenge for her ruining him. The longest involves the Harper Hold in Athkatla, where Jaheira is forced to choose between the protagonists and the Harpers of the city, and then has to deal with the consequences of her decisions. This sidequest is tied in with her romance plot, but will also happen if she is not romanced, provided the starting event (performing a quest for Xzar) takes place.

Jaheira's romance will continue through the Throne of Bhaal expansion, but without additional sidequests.

As a multiclassed fighter/druid, Jaheira can fulfill both the role of a healer and that of a frontline fighter, even though she will not reach level 15 as a druid until she has amassed 3 million experience points. She is the only druid in the series who is capable of resurrecting another party member, through the Harper's Call spell in Baldur's Gate II.
Jaheira is voiced by Heidi Shannon.

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