Awful FPS on PS4 port.

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Just wanted to give a heads up to anyone thinking about buying this on PS4. I'd advise maybe waiting until they hopefully patch it. The frame rate right now is pretty awful, I don't even remember the PS2 version running this badly. The sound can be a bit spotty as well. I'm pretty disappointed in it. Was so excited to play this game in 1080p 60fps. Also the cut scenes seem to be in 480p, that doesn't really bother me all that much though.

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I recall the PS2 version of this running pretty much perfectly. I wish I still had my copy, it was a pretty fun game if a bit bullshit at times (but then, what kart racer isn't?)

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Really wish they could’ve put in the work to port the HD collection from PS3 to PS4, instead of the usual ”classic port”, which seems to always sail between ”kinda decent” and ”really bad” quality, which really ain’t too great for games from over 10 years ago.

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Wait. Is the new ps4 release not the same as the ps3 HD collection? Is it just a ps2 port instead?

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Wait. Is the new ps4 release not the same as the ps3 HD collection? Is it just a ps2 port instead?

It's like the ports of Dark Cloud and Red Alert - it's just the PS2 game in an emulation wrapper.

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That sucks, I was morbidly interested in seeing this game's story again.

I picked up the first game on PS4 when it released, and couldn't play it for nearly a week because they patched all the cutscenes to run at 60hz, which led to some cutscenes crashing the game 100% of the time, including a plot-critical one. So the news that this port is also shoddy doesn't surprise me at all.

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Thanks for reminding me that I still have a physical copy of this game for some odd reason.

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They aren't really ports, at least I don't think. Pretty sure it's just PS2 emulation on PS4. And yes, they exclusively use the emulator for reselling games on psn. They could easily do what Microsoft is doing, or even what they did with PS1 on ps3, but choose not to. The hubris of feeling they don't need to be consumer friendly because they are so far ahead of the competition seems like it's coming back. As a fan of PlayStation, it's very unfortunate.

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I remember there being something with this game and save files but I can't recall what exactly what it was at this time. It would be funny if that carried over as well to the rerelease.

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