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    Jakobs Cove

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    Jakobs Cove is the new zone added in 'The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned' DLC pack for Borderlands. It is the base of operations for the Jakobs Corporation in Pandora and has become "overrun". The player is sent to save Jakobs (Cove and reputation) from the "living impaired".

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    Jakobs Cove, like other locations in Borderlands, has several sub-sections and a main hub, as follows:

    Jakobs Cove: The actual town of Jakobs Cove acts as the area's main hub (housing the bounty board and vending machines) and allows access to all of the other areas.

    Hallow's End: A swamp populated with hordes of undead which rise from its shallow waters. This section of the map is also home to Dr. Ned, who lives high up in a tree-house-like hospital/clinic which safely houses the seemingly well-meaning doctor from the undead. The house is only accessible via an old freight-style elevator which Ned must hand crank from above. T.K. Baja also owns land in this portion of the map, and there's even a pumpkin patch.

    Generally Hospital: A creepy, horror-influenced hospital that sits alone atop a hill with a cemetery at its base. A beach area surrounds most of the hospital.

    Dead Haven: The same city visited by the player in the main Borderlands storyline, but with an undead makeover. The city is now a ramshackle ghost-town/Hooverville populated by legions of shambling zombies and undead Lance. The player is tasked (albeit unwillingly) with addressing the "living-impaired" problem caused by the Jakobs corporation. This town is also home to a recently unemployed "associate" of Dr.Ned to whom the player must deliver severance pay.

    The Lumberyard: An expansive mill and yard area. This is also the last section of the map associated with the main quest in the Zombie Island DLC.

    The Lumbermill: Dr. Ned's last refuge, where he and the player have their final showdown.


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