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Released before Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64, James Bond 007 is a top-down adventure game with occasional action elements. James Bond 007 was the first game developed by the now defunct Saffire. The game features notable supporting characters from the Bond fiction like Oddjob, Jaws and Q.



The story begins in a Chinese Village to which bond must infiltrate and steal some plans. The village is run by a female marital artist, and this makes the task difficult. Bond succeeds and takes the plans back to London where he is then sent on various missions to halt an evil plan by Oddjob. Ultimately your goal in the game is to stop Oddjob from succeeding, but you will fail often against him throughout the game. Bond will undergo torture and imprisonment before eventually stopping Oddjob. 



The game is played from a top down perspective, and the visual style is very similar to Links Awakening for the Game Boy. You will travel to different towns and talk to various non playable characters, this Bond doesn't shoot first and talk later. You will find various areas in the game world that cannot be accessed until you find the proper equipment, and this is where Zelda elements really come in. You will gain weapons to fight enemies throughout the game, but you can also punch and kick as an alternate form of combat. Gameplay does occasionally strays from the Zelda formula through stealth missions. These missions mainly consist of the player sneaking by enemies and through different environments. 

A level set in Marrakech, Morocco features a casino where you need to play Baccarat and BlackJack in order to gain access to a high roller's lounge. 

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