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"James Cameron's, Avatar The... WHAT?!?"

 It’s no secret to seasoned gamers that titles based on movie licenses, with few exceptions, are destined to suck. Budgets siphoned by big-name voice talent, tight development schedules and stories meant for another medium are just a few hurdles placed in front of these seeming attempts to simply cash-in on a film’s popularity.      
It is especially interesting as to why they released the video game prior to the movie's arrival. 
It's as if they intended to promote all all players to never watch the movie. 
The worst part: our beloved Ubisoft presented the game. 
THAT'S RIGHT! Those guys that brought you your beloved Prince Of Persia, and Your Outstanding Assassin's Creed.   
However, you must not blame Ubisoft. These developers did manage to pull off King Kong a while back, and you must give them prop's for THAT feat. But unfortunately, this avatar junk won't get the easy leg...
Trust me, it upsets you as much as it upsets me.  
In game action is slow, repetitive, and the frame rate is sketchy at times. 
The most interesting thing: 
it provided a feature for 3-D enabled televisions. 
However, i doubt that a poor game like this will manage to promote the idea of purchasing such a t.v.... 
OVERALL: 1.5*/5* 
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