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    James Pierce

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    A soldier in the Galactic Federation serving under Adam Malkovich.

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    James Pierce is a soldier in the Galactic Federation Army in Metroid: Other M. In Metroid: Other M, he serves as the communications expert of the 07th Platoon General Adam Malkovich takes to investigate the Bottle Ship.

    Prior to joining the 07th Platoon, James worked for the Federation Central Information Agenency, Intelligence Group 2 where he developed a specialization in communication technologies. Sometime later, James was transferred to the 07th Platoon, where he worked under General Adam Malkovich. During the events of Other M, he works the other members of his Platoon to rescue any survivors on the Bottle Ship.

    The Deleter

    As the investigation on the Bottle Ship continues, Samus Aran discovers that an assassin has been sent aboard to eliminate all traces of illegal bio-weapon research conducted by the science team. After being attacked by an unknown assailant in Galactic Federation combat gear, Samus concludes that either Adam, Anthony Higgs, K.G. Misawa, or James is the assassin and names him, "The Deleter." As the game proceeds, a cutscene is played depicting one of the GF soldiers dumping the body of another in a smelter pit, though the identities of the soldiers in question is obscured. Subsequently, Anthony is cleared of suspicion after he helps Samus by nearly dying while attracting Ridley's attention, and after Samus's encounter with Adam and his subsequent sacrifice, the only remaining possible suspects are James and K.G. Since one of the two had to have been the one that was dropped into the smelter pit, then the other must be the culprit. The Deleter is seen confronting MB in a brief cutscene, but when Samus arrives at the location of the encounter later on, she only finds the corpse of the last remaining GF Solider on the floor. That soldier is James.

    Further proof of James's identity as the Deleter can be found in the character profiles during the game's epilogue gameplay. Of the GF soldiers, all are declared as dead except for K.G., who was dumped into the smelter pit, and thus his body was never accounted for.


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