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    James Vega

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    James Vega is a new addition to Shepard's team in Mass Effect 3.

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    Lieutenant James Vega is a seasoned soldier of the special forces unit SF-03. Little is known about his past - like if he's still assigned to SF-03 - other than that he's been involved in a grim incident at a location called Fehl. He holds Commander Shepard in high regards, much to his own demise as he gets in trouble with Batarians for coming off as a 'Shepard lover' even when the events of Arrival paint the Commander as a mass murderer.

    His path crosses Shepard's as Admiral Anderson tasks him to escort the commander back to Earth.


    • He was originally known as James Sanders and suspected to be a relative to Kahlee Sanders, a reoccurring character in the Mass Effect novels. This is not the case.
    • He does however mention that his father's last name was Sanders, though pointing out having no blood ties to Kahlee
    • He is NOT the sniper in the Mass Effect 3 teaser as initially believed.
    • It's possible to read about Vega and how he meet Shepard in the mini comic Mass Effect: Conviction
    • Vega is voiced by Freddie Prinze Jr.

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