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    Jan Jansen

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    Has he ever told you about the time his uncle Scrappy created the universe from a turnip peel and a bag of griffin droppings?

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    Jan Jansen, Gnome Illusionist/Thief, inventor, and storyteller extraordinaire, is a recruitable character in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn. He can be found in the Government District of Athkatla, hawking weaponry of his own invention. You get the chance to cover for him or turn him in when a guard shows up, accusing him of selling illegal weapons. If you cover for him, he will offer to join you; if you don't cover for him, you can go to the prison and pay for his release, after which he will offer to join you.

    As a Multiclass character, Jan is the only recruitable thief other than Yoshimo who can gain thief levels and skills. He wears equipment of his own invention that will enhance several of his abilities, and uses a custom made crossbow that fires skull-shaped ammunition, which it can create every day. Other than what he uses himself, Jan's inventions are universally recognized to be quite dangerous, and best avoided.

    Jan is a blabbermouth. He has an anecdote for absolutely every situation, and is happy to tell your party about it even if your party is not, and will not be deterred for the world, especially not if he is reminded of another anecdote before he is done with the first one. His stories are usually insane, aggravating, or both, and usually involve turnips, griffins, or both. He easily earns the ire and exasperation of most other party members, but Korgan enjoys his stories, Imoen tells him a fantabulous story of her own, and Mazzy actually manages to stump him. Minsc is particularly wary of Tiny, as he calls Jan, as Jan is always trying to steal Boo away from him.

    Jan's sidequest is surprisingly somber, and involves his old girlfriend and her daughter. The girl has fallen ill after being beaten by her father, and Jan has to help find a cure before the girl dies. He then tries to convince his old girlfriend to leave her abusive husband, but she refuses.


    - "Take that, turnip-hatin' scum!"

    - "You know, this reminds me of that time, waaaaay back..."

    - "Beware! Your knees are mine!"

    - "Whoa! This place looks just like... it reminds me of.. this is just like that time I... hmm. I don't think anything like this has ever happened to me before..."

    - "I think we make a fine partnership, like Drizzt and Wulfgar, Elminster and Volo. Heh, we should go into the mobile vegetable peddling business together!"

    - "It will be done with skill and care, if not brevity."


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