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    Jan Templar

    Character » appears in 3 games

    A member of the ISA's Rapid Reaction Force. He is the main character in the game Killzone and Killzone: Liberation as well as the Operation Archangel Ground Commander in Killzone 2.

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    Captain Jan Templar

    General Information

    (Information pertains to the events of Killzone 2)

    Position: Templar is Operation Archangel Ground Commander and is directly in command of Alpha Team, a special forces unit commanded by Master Sergeant Ricardo Velasquez.

    Age:  40

    Military Affiliation:  ISA Vekta Army

    Personality:  Intelligent, commanding, hard-charging, personally invested

    Personal Goals/Aims:  Templar's orders are to coordinate the ISA assault on Helghan and the capture of Emperor Visari. Privately he would prefer a swift and decisive end to the war, even if that means killing Visari outright. After all he's been though, Templar believes that there are better solutions than the invasion of the planet, with its consequent loss of life, but he has become the hawk poster boy for the war and must toe the political line, even if he would rather be leading from the front, in active combat.

    Killzone: Liberation Description

    According to the Killzone Liberation Manual:

    "Templar enjoyed a strong relationship with Lieutenant General Vaughton, until Vaughton was killed by the treacherous General Adams.Adams had been behind a Helghast plot to take control of the orbital defense platforms that were designed to protect Vekta from invasion. After uncovering the conspiracy and averting catastrophe, Templar is regarded by many Vektans as a hero and the ultimate ISA soldier."


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