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At the age of ten, Jane Derren witnessed the murder of her father,. He lain dying gripping her hand. Jane Derren then moved away from San Paro. As she grew up, the condition of San Paro worsen. Crime plagued the city. The weak and corrupted politicians of San Paro did nothing but contributed to the degradation of San Paro. A new wave of criminals were born. 
Probably unexpectedly, Jane Derren returned the to city where her father, John Derren, died holding her hands. She quickly stormed the city council and just as quickly the Mayor's office. Just as she entered office, she rolled out the City Security Act. With the City Security Act, vigilantism was legalized allowing the public of San Paro the power to fight back against crime without the worry of retaliation from the city.
With radical policies, Jane Derren hopes to save and revive San Paro.

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