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    Jane Jensen is the lead game designer and writer of the the Gabriel Knight trilogy.

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    When Jane Jensen joined Sierra Online, she was given the opportunity to be a writer for an installment of another of Sierra's adventure game series titled Police Quest 3: The Kindred, and then EcoQuest: The Search for Cetus. Later on in her career with Sierra, she had the opportunity to work on a sequel of Sierra Online's flagship series, King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow, working alongside the project with Roberta Williams, the founder of Sierra Online. A little over a year after King's Quest 6 had released, Jane Jensen released what would be the first episode of a solo adventure game project of her own, Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers. Gabriel Knight reached critical acclaim, rocketing Jensen to computer saavy stardom. The dark supernatural tone of the game matched with Jensen's brilliant writing earned it Computer Gaming World's "Adventure Game of the Year" title.

    Jensen would then follow up with Gabriel Knight: The Beast Within the sequel to Sins of the Fathers, in 1995. It instead uses live action video, and actors in place of pixels. The series then ended in 1999 with the third installment Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred Blood of the Damned, which utilized 3D graphics in place of the top down 2D backdrops, and live action video from the earlier games. Gabriel Knight 3 was commonly referred to as the last adventure game of its kind to ever be released, as the genre had lost popularity to 3D action games.

    Jane Jensen then moved to Seattle with husband Robert Holmes, and co-founded a game development company named Oberon Media which was established in October of 2003. More recently however, Oberon Media was rebranded as iPlay in July of 2012, and Jane has since moved on to her own ventures in the world of games.

    Jane and Robert currently reside in Lancaster County Pennsylvania where they have founded their new company, Pinkerton Road Studio. Made possible through crowd funding from a campaign run on the website Kickstarter, Pinkerton Road's first game titled "Moebius" has begun development. Utilizing what they call "CSG" or "Community Supported Gaming", they allow you to essentially buy their games months before release, serving to fund the games production while cutting out the publisher, as well as bringing their fans some additional incentives to pre-ordering such as alpha & beta access. You can pre-order your Pinkerton Road games by buying a CSG pass of your choosing at their website,

    Mystery Game X - Gabriel Knight remake?

    With the earliest reports of Gabriel Knight 4, the licensing having belonged to Vivendi Universal, Jane has been unable to revisit her flagship series. It was stated in an interview that Jane had her ideas set for Gabriel Knight 4 if she ever got to work on it, as being set in Scotland, and dealing with ghosts. However more recently, hope for the Gabriel Knight franchise has resurfaced, as Jane and Pinkerton Road studio, are in some way working with a new publisher for an unrevealed title known only at this time as "Mystery Game X". It's entirely possible this mystery game has nothing to do with Gabriel Knight, but as of this writing it is widely believed to be. While Jane has already been quoted as to saying MGX is NOT Gabriel Knight 4, there remains speculation it is still set within this intellectual property, possibly in the form of a remake of "Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers", being the first of the trilogy originally released by Sierra On-Line.


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