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Jane's Combat Simulations: Advanced Tactical Fighters (ATF) offers more of the same flight simulation combat introduced by its predecessor US Navy Fighters.

However, rather than taking the realistic, modern-day slant of USNF in terms of aircraft and missions, ATF introduces the player to experimental aircraft and semi-futuristic mission campaigns, for example based on a Anglo-Franco war over the English Channel.

Some of the (then) experimental/fictional aircraft featured in ATF:

One of the notable features of the game included the ability to let the player fly any airplane in the game, even unarmed models like a Boeing 747.

The game also features a full fledged mission editor and with the mission files being able to be edited in a text editor, it allowed the player to further customise the mission even further. These extra customisations included the ability to write mission briefings as complex as those found in the campaign missions, set weapons loadout on AI aircraft and even allow the player to fly helicopters.

In the late 90s the game enjoyed a fairly active modding community, in both creation of missions as well as user-created 'expansion packs' that added more aircraft and ground units.


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