Jane's Combat Simulations: F-15

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    Jane's F-15 is a combat flight simulator that models the F-15E Strike Eagle.

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    Flames on the title? SOLD
    Flames on the title? SOLD

    Jane's F-15 is a combat flight simulator developed by Origin Systems, which then became EA Baltimore, and published by EA. It was directed by Andy Hollis who was also a programmer for Microprose's F-15 Strike Eagle II and F-15 Strike Eagle III. As such, Jane's F-15 can be considered the spiritual successor to those games, with some people calling it F-15 Strike Eagle IV. Though it came out at the same year as Falcon 4.0, the flight sim that threatened to end all flight sims, Jane's F-15 sold reasonably well enough to warrant a sequel, Jane's F/A-18. The game's graphics engine was reused in the EA budget title: Fighter Pilot. Jane's F-15 remains one of the most realistic flight sims and is, for now, the most realistic at simulating the F-15E Strike Eagle.


    Jane's f-15 cockpit upper
    Jane's f-15 cockpit upper

    Jane's F-15 is the most realistic flight simulator for the F-15E. Every knob, switch, button and light in the cockpit works as it does on the real fighter jet. Jane's F-15 is not a perfect emulation of the Strike Eagle as there are still some classified materials regarding that aircraft. Though the aircraft in real life has been known to rarely go into a flat spin, in game it is very hard to perform such a feat. The player flies from the pilots seat of the aircraft and uses the mouse to press the buttons/ switches in the cockpit or uses a hotkey/ button on the keyboard/ joystick. The player can also switch to the Weapon's Systems Officer (WSO) seat and operate the aircraft from that position. The WSO typically guides the weapons to the target and manages the radar though in the game, its not especially important in the game as everything can be done from the pilot's seat.

    The game features many external camera views, typical in a Jane's Combat Flight Sim, though there is no HUD in these views. The player can command a flight of up to eight planes including the player's own. This allows flexibility during missions as some wingmen can be configured for air to air while others for air to ground. The player has a large extensive list of wingman orders at his disposal allowing the player to set the formation type and how the wingmen engage their targets. A computer generated voice, acting as the WSO, will constantly provide updates to the player.

    Training Screen
    Training Screen

    Because this game is a flight sim, it has a steep learning curve of 10+ hours. To help the player, the game features a 20+ mission tutorial in addition to a thick manual to teach the player how to fly. Training missions are short and simple, teaching only one lesson such as firing the AIM-9 or dropping the GBU-15. Numerous options can also be turned on to allow the game to be slightly less realistic such as "no blackout" or "infinite ammo". The official strategy guide published by Prima has over 320 pages detailing procedures and what to do in specific situations.

    The game features two campaigns, one set during Desert Storm and the other in a fictional campaign with Iran. Unlike other Jane's Combat Sims, the campaign in Jane's F-15 is fully dynamic allowing for random events to happen. Numerous real world aircraft populate the game as NPC's and the player can call on allies for help. The game also features a single mission mode, where a random mission is played, as well as a mission editor to allow the player to create their own missions.

    The game features 4v4 air to air multiplayer via LAN or online. There are no co-op missions in this game.


    Arming Screen
    Arming Screen

    Because the F-15E is capable of fielding almost the entire US arsenal of bombs and missiles, a wide variety of ordnance is available for the player. Weapons behave and must be guided realistically unless the player turns on cheats. Players have the option to make their own loadouts and save them or use preset loadouts used by the US Air Force

    M61A1 Vulcan 20mm Gatling Gun

    • M56A3 HEI (High Explosive Incendiary) ammo
    • PGU-28A SAPHEI (Semi-Armor Piercing High Explosive Incendiary) ammo
    Air-to-Air Missiles
    AIM-9L/M/P Sidewinder
    • Short-Ranged Infrared Guided Missile
    • The L model is all-aspect capable
    • The M model is the L model with a reduced-smoke rocket
    • The P model is an improved B/E/J/N model originally for export but many exist in the US inventory
    AIM-7F/M Sparrow
    • Medium Range SARH (Semi-Active Radar Homing)
    • The F model has improved reliability compared to older Sparrows
    • The M model is the most common variant of the Sparrow
    • Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile
    • Active Radar Homing
    Air-to-Ground Missiles
    AGM-65D/G Maverick
    • The D model is an electro-optically (TV) guided infrared air-to-ground missile with 125lb warhead
    • The G model is a D with a 300 lb warhead.
    Unguided Bombs
    Mk 82/84
    • Mk 82 is a 500 lb bomb
    • Mk 84 is a 2000 lb bomb
    • High drag bombs for low altitude dropping
    • BSU-49 is a modified Mk 82
    • BSU-50 is a modified Mk 84
    BLU-107 Durandal
    • French made
    • 450 lb bomb
    • 330 lb warhead
    • Low Altitude Dropped
    • Parachute provides drag
    • Anti-Runway
    • Leaves 200m diameter crater
    Cluster Bombs
    • 785 lbs
    • 220 bomblets
    • Anti-Personnel
    • 800 lbs
    • 650 bomblets
    • Anti-Personnel
    • "A" model is Incendiary
    • Similar to CBU-58
    • 800 lbs
    • 650 bomblets
    • Bomblets are random time delayed
    • "A" model is Incendiary
    CBU-78 Gator
    • 500 lb
    • 45 Anti-Tank Mines
    • 15 Anti-Personnel Mines
    CBU-87 Combined Effects Munitions (CEM)
    • 950 lbs
    • 202 Combined Effects Munitions
    • Anti-Personnel/Light Armor
    CBU-89 Gator
    • A bigger CBU-78
    • 1000 lbs
    • 72 Anti-Tank Mines
    • 22 Anti-Personnel Mines
    CBU-97 Sensor Fused Weapon (SFW)
    • 1000 lbs
    • 10 bomblets
    • Each bomblet has 4 anti-tank munitions
    • Infrared detection
    • Explodes automatically if no tanks are detected after a period of time
    Mk-20 Rockeye II
    • 500 lbs
    • 247 bomblets
    • Anti-Tank
    Guided Bombs
    GBU-10/-10E/-10G Paveway I/II/III
    • Laser Guided Bomb
    • GBU-10 is a Mk 84 with a laser guidance kit
    • GBU-10E is a Mk 84 with an improved laser guidance kit
    • GBU-10G is a BLU-109, 2000 lb penetrator warhead, with improved laser guidance kit
    GBU-12/-12D Paveway I/II
    • Laser Guided Bomb
    • GBU-12 is a Mk 82 with laser guidance kit
    • GBU-12D has an improved laser guidance kit
    GBU-15 v 1/2/31/32
    • The F-15E's signature weapon
    • Guided 2000 lb bomb
    • v1 uses a Mk 84 bomb and daylight only TV guidance
    • v2 uses a Mk 84 bomb and imaging infrared guidance
    • v31 uses a BLU-109 penetrator with TV guidance
    • v32 uses a BLU-109 with imaging infrared guidance
    • Requires AN/AXQ-14 Data Link Pod
    GBU-24/-24A Paveway III
    • Laser Guided 2000 lb bomb
    • GBU-24 uses a Mk 84 bomb
    • GBU-24A uses a BLU-109 penetrator
    • Laser Guided
    • 5000 lb bunker buster
    AN/ALE-40 1/2/3
    • Chaff and flare dispensers
    • (1) has 120 chaff/ 60 flares
    • (2) has 180 chaff/ 30 flares
    • (3) has 60 chaff/ 90 flares
    LANTIRN (Low Altitude Navigation and Targeting Infrared for Night)
    • AN/AAQ-13 Navigation Pod
    • AN/AAQ-14 Targeting Pod
    AN/AXQ-14 Data Link
    External Fuel Tanks

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