Jane's Combat Simulations: U.S. Navy Fighters '97

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    U.S. Navy Fighters '97 is an enhanced repacking of U.S. Navy Fighters Gold

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    Published by EA, Jane's Combat Simulations: U.S Navy Fighters '97 is a Windows 95 optimized version of U.S Navy Fighters Gold. In addition to containing all the contents in U.S Navy Fighters and U.S Navy Fighters: Marine Fighters, USNF'97 features a new opening sequence, a new campaign and four new aircraft.


    The game features three campaigns, two of which are fictional and from the original USNF and a new campaign for USNF'97

    Kuril Islands 1997 Campaign

    Japan has launched an invasion of a chain of islands between northern Japan and Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula. The islands were originally Japanese territory until WWII when they were ceded to Russia. Now Japan wants them back and has asked the US to support their claim.

    Ukraine 1997 Campaign

    Concerned over the sovereignty of the nation Crimea, a military coup has taken place in the Kremlin. Players initially escort Boris Yeltson out of the country.

    Vietnam 1972 Campaign

    The new campaign in USNF'97, players engage in missions loosely based on actual missions conducted during the Vietnam War.


    At the time of release, it was considered fairly realistic although it allowed players to do absurd things like landing an AC-130 on a carrier. V/STOL planes such as the AV-8B Harrier II have full VTOL controls and can land vertically. The AC-130 can fire all of its guns although there is no HUD for the gun camera. Graphics are much the same as the original USNF although new content such as the Vietnam campaign show a slight improvement. The game supports 8 player multiplayer via online or LAN. Players can engage in co-op missions or go head to head although there are no multiplayer specific designed missions.


    The game features all the aircraft from USNF and USNF: Marine Fighters expansion. Four new Vietnam War era planes are added for the Vietnam War campaign leading to a combined total of 15 flyable aircraft. Numerous real world aircraft are also seen in the game.

    Easter Eggs

    Fly any plane

    • Hold down Ctrl and Alt then select "Quick Mission". Continue to hold down the buttons until the flight begins

    Atomic Moth

    • Hold down Ctrl + Alt + Right Shift while selecting "Play Single Mission". Continue holding those down until the aircraft selection screen. The Atomic Moth should now be available. The moth is gigantic and orange, with blue eyes. It is V/STOL capable, has no HUD or radar and fires orange moth balls.


    • When flying a two seater plane, bobbing the plane up and down will cause the backseater to vomit
    • When a MiG is on your tail for a period of time, your backseater will say "Do some of that pilot shit!" a Top Gun reference.

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