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Jansen is a mortal character in Lost Odyssey. He's talkative, fearful, and generally annoying to the other party members. He's also a womanizer and something of a drunk, showing up for his first mission with Kaim drunk with two girls by his side.


Initially, Jansen was paid by Gongora to be a spy for him, to watch for any of the immortals regaining their memories. He is given a mysterious stone which will wipe memories clear from the victim, and is directed to use it on Kaim or Seth if they show signs of memory. He ends up using it on a guard to escape prison, and later learns that Gongora put a spell in his eye to see through them. Feeling betrayed and used, he decides to side with Kaim and go after Gongora. Eventually, he sets his sights on Ming, the Queen of Numara. He tries romancing her, and although she is initially reluctant, she gives in to him.


Jansen is special for his use of black magic. He is the party member most reliant on black magic, and is a crucial damage dealer in the early portions of the game. His weakness is in physical attack power, with his staff and rod weapons dealing little damage. Like all of Lost Odyssey's mortal characters, he becomes completely outclassed once the immortals have skill linked the majority of abilities. However, his access to powerful black magic spells and quick spell-casting time makes him a viable option for the mortal slot on your active team.

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