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    Janus Cascade

    Character » appears in 2 games

    A talented but unscrupulous Drifter. The main party's chief rival.

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    The party first bumps into Janus Cascade and his band of Drifters (bounty hunters, ruin raiders and thieves) when hunting down artifacts in the first act of the game. Though cruel and arrogant, Janus Cascade and the protagonist Virginia Maxwell have a burgeoning mutual respect for each other's abilities (though Virginia knows better than to inflate his ego by saying so).

    Eventually Janus gets embroiled in the mysterious mission of the antagonistic prophets. While following their leads and his own twisted ambitions, he becomes something less than human and is eventually utterly consumed by the power of the Dark Lance weapon.

    Janus is fought a total of five times throughout Wild ARMs 3, the last two battles against his demonic form. He's a powerful and fast combatant with a plethora of devastating attacks. His weapon is the Bayonet, a sword/gun hybrid that is purportedly difficult to use by anyone who isn't an expert.


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