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    The commanding officer over Begnion's occupation of Daein. Serves as the main antagonist for the Dawn Brigade in the group's effort to liberate Daein.

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    Jarod is the corrupt officer in charge of Begnion's occupation force in Daein in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. Following the events of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, Begnion occupies Daein, which was left leaderless following the death of its mad king, Ashnard. For the next three years, the occupation force working under the auspices of the Begnion senate rules the nation with an iron fist. In response, a small resistance group known as the Dawn Brigade forms and begins to fight back. As a commanding officer in the occupation force, Jarod makes it his mission to eradicate the Dawn Brigade and bring the growing rebellion to a halt. The primary target of his ire is the Dawn Brigade's "silver-haired maiden," whose deeds and fame spread across the oppressed nation, inspiring its people.

    Jarod serves as the primary antagonist of Part 1 of Radiant Dawn's story. In Part 1's endgame chapter, he must be defeated in order for the player to achieve victory.


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