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    Jason DeGroot

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    Canadian resident musician known as 6955, currently based in Toronto.

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    Jason DeGroot is a musician that has performed at many high-profile chiptune venues, most notably Blipfest. He provided the background music for the Nintendo Museum special, which can be accessed on Grooveshark, and the short-lived Points series on Since moving to Toronto, he has been involved in various collaborations with Capybara Games, and Queasy Games. He also contributed a track to the iOS game, Pulse.


    DeGroot cofounded the developer Polytron alongside Phil Fish. He was involved in the early development of Fez, but business disagreements with Fish led to a tumultuous departure. Because of the nature of their business agreement in founding Polytron, Fish had to ask DeGroot to sign a waiver at PAX East 2011 to allow the game to be demoed; the lead-up to this event was chronicled in the documentary Indie Game: The Movie. Originally, the documentary stated that DeGroot declined to participate, but this was later proven to be false, as DeGroot had never been asked to take part in the documentary at any point. The film was later revised to make the truth clear.

    DeGroot is not credited in the final, released version of Fez.


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