Jay Hamilton

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    Jay Hamilton is the deeply sensitive cameraman and editor for Manny Escuela's television programs.

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    Jay Hamilton is friend, cameraman, and editor to Manny Escuela. Together, they hope to "clean up the streets" through music, community involvement, and making an example of those who do crime. Jay follows Manny around South Bohan collecting footage of dead gangsters and how rough the streets are, all while trying to make Manny look like a powerful hero, though he ultimately fails by making Manny appear metrosexual. To correct this, Jay and Manny go to take footage of Elizabeta Torres and expose her as a crack dealer. However, they are both killed by Elizabeta, who after just sniffing a load of cocaine was getting delusional and aggressive. Afterwards, Jay and Manny both find themselves in the trunk of Elizabeta's car, being driven to a doctor who will use their organs to help aid needy people. Finally, in death, Jay and Manny helped the streets in a positive way.


    Despite being shot in the head during the mission "Have A Heart," the cameraman does not immediately die.  If the player opens the trunk of the car (quickly done by reversing into a wall or other object) and zooms in on Jay's eyes with a sniper rifle, they will notice that Jay's eye and eyelid are moving.  A video can be found here.

    Missions (partial list)

    • Escuela of the Streets
    • Have A Heart

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