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    Jaylen Hotdogfingers

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    The first Blaseball player to be incinerated, as well as the first player to be brought back from the dead.

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    A player since Season 1 of Blaseball, Jaylen Hotdogfingers was originally a player of little note. However, upon the opening of the Forbidden Book of Blaseball, Hotdogfingers became the first player to be incinerated by a rogue umpire. This drew attention towards Hotdogfingers, causing her to posthumously join the Idol Board upon it's introduction in Season 6.

    From there, fans devised a plan to resurrect Hotdogfingers by exploiting Lottery Pick, a blessing which would allow a team to steal whichever player occupied the Idol Board's 14th position. Despite warnings from then-Commissioner Parker MacMillan III, the resurrection was a success, albeit sending Garages player Mike Townsend to The Void to make room for Hotdogfingers' return.

    However, upon her return, Hotdogfingers owed a debt, leading her to hit other blaseball players with pitches, causing them to become unstable. While unstable, players were more likely to be incinerated by rogue umpires, and being incinerated would spread their instability to other players. This led to Ruby Tuesday, an event during Season 7 wherein several unstable players were incinerated in rapid succession. Following Ruby Tuesday, Hotdogfingers' debt was "refinanced", and unstable players simply had a chance to swap teams instead.

    Since then, Hotdogfingers' debt has been settled, and she has intermittently swapped between The Void and various teams.


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